Nostalgia: Summer

This is the first summer since 2005 I’ve been at home for all of the summer except a 2-week vacation. 2006 we moved at the beginning of August, and then every summer till 2014 we went back to the US, and in 2014 I was gone for 2 months because of Ezra’s school in Rhode Island, our road trip, Csehy, and then family time in the Northwest. Being at home all summer brings back so many memories of growing up in Michigan.

The muggy cool mornings with a hint of the day’s heat (S and I go for long walks in the mornings and it makes me think of the mornings daddy used to take us to the park on our bikes).
The cool evenings with late sunsets (I wish S didn’t go to bed so early so we could take walks again!).
Afternoons swimming (but not like the freezing cold pool we took swim lessons in).
Giant, homegrown zucchini (from friends who had the usual over-abundance… I can’t wait until we can have a garden like we had growing up).

I can’t wait until S is old enough to do more summer-y things with her. If we were going to be here longer and our apartment was more conducive to it I’d set up a bin or little pool for her to splash in on our balcony.
I love how cheap summer fruits like cherries and peaches get (relatively speaking, anyway), and so much watermelon (eating it frozen is so good!), and all things fresh, cool, and green. And homemade ice cream and iced tea and kombucha.

I always said fall was my favorite, but there’s something really wonderful about summer, too.

{And Celtic festivals! I hope someday to find one as good as the one we had in Michigan, though it won’t be the same, especially without Cait’s pipe band}


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