{packages for Csehy}

{imaginiff with the best people to play that game with}

{Cousin Hannah and I usually do a lot of crafty things while together, and hand lettering was one of the things we did this time}

{I flew solo with S for the first time to get up to the PNW. It went pretty well. I met a German midwife in the airport, sat next to a 13 year old boy who had no idea what to do about a baby but was really sweet}

{I’m thankful S and grampa got to meet. I’m also thankful for my mother staying back with S so I could go to Starbucks with Grampa for his daily coffee with his friends. We drove there on country roads with the sunroof open, slowly sipped our drinks, and finished up with tictacs on the way home to watch baseball – classic Grampa.

{swimming at the cabin}

{off the beaten path. The cabin trip also included lots of mud and dirt for S, not much sleep (thank you, 5 am sunshine!), and lots of fantastic time outdoors.}

{skit night}

{making friends at the car rental place}

{Rocky Mountain High <3}

{two of my favorite guys: Ezra and my cousin Joseph}

{Uncle John and Aunt Kay.

From Instagram: If I had to pick just one picture to keep from our time in the Rockies, it wouldn’t be the ones of S meeting everyone, precious as those are, or of the beautiful scenery, or even the first snapshot of S standing. It would be this one of my dad’s uncle, patriarch of the Gishpert clan, of his own children and grandchildren, and his sister’s (my grandmother’s) sons and their children. Deeply devoted to God, he feeds us all spiritually and has invested in all of our lives from the beginning. He and Aunt Kay are some of the people I want to be like “when I grow up.” I’m so thankful he and S were able to meet before we head out to Japan.}

{Aunt Annie! <3}

{Uncle Nate and Aunt Candace did a great job entertaining S in the car}

{Kristen & Sky}

{S in a dress that used to be mine}

{Cream in a glass bottle is perfect. Also, I’m eating everything again! Now the real challenge begins: NOT eating all the food. ;)}

{Carrots for the wee one, pastured eggs 25% off, and savory cookies from Jerusalem}

{crafters: CHECK YOUR GAUGE. Even if your hook and yarn are the “right” size… CHECK YOUR GAUGE. This sweater was supposed to be for S’s first birthday, in size 18 months. But it ended up being more like 3-6 months because I forgot to check my gauge. Oops. I’ll probably work on it again for her as a “big sister present” to fit her whenever our next baby is born (I’m not pregnant, just saying). I have time to do it again now but don’t really want to and I was going to make her another thing for her birthday, too, so I’m just moving on right now, but do have yarn to make a bigger one later}

favorite recipes// flourless chocolate muffins (really cupcakes! Doubled to make 12 full size muffins) // Gingerbread trifle (I used strawberries) // Oatmeal Fudge bars // raspberry ginger iced tea (used this recipe to flavor our kombucha) // Paleo muffins (the closest thing to “real” muffins!) // best homemade bread yet

best of online// If you’re gay, I want you to know I don’t hate you // 40 Questions for Christians waving the rainbow flag // Why we are taking the fun out of life // What the same-sex marriage ruling means for Christian parents // I never knew a bikini could hide so much// You don’t need to peel your garlic! // Real Parenting //Is this the end of Christianity in the Middle East? // Single and Not Waiting // “Another Boy” (grab tissues for the last two)

reading of late// Abu Sharif, Mystery of the 100th Name // Teach Your Baby to Swim

thinking about// how to share the truth and horror of abortion in a way that is compassionate to those who have had them? // Mark 6 and Jesus’ compassion on the wandering crowd – not annoyance at them following, but compassion because they knew He needed them – striving to remember this with S

what brings joy// Ezra taking S for a walk/nap at 5 AM so I can keep sleeping in the tent // all the hands to hold S, friends and family to give us rides, all the people that helped accommodate a baby – tacking up towels to darken rooms, bringing toys and pack’n’plays, delaying events so she could keep sleeping…and for a flexible baby, fantastic husband, and wonderful family // ultimate Frisbee // finishing editing and formatting // texts from Csehy

Miss Munchkin// is waving, cruising, and will stand for a couple seconds at a time. She’s started copying sounds we make, and loves to smack her lips and make motor boat noises. She also likes to play peekaboo, and that was a lifesaver on our longer drives. She gets very excited to go outside, and see dogs or other babies. Her solid food diet is expanding, and so far she’s liked everything except avocado, but whatever is newest is usually her favorite. Egg yolk is now not so great because chicken was better, and even chicken is “out” now that she’s eating carrots. She’s full of energy and is so much fun to play with and be around, especially as she gets more and more interactive and actually plays. Today some friends from birth class came over and it was fun to watch the girls chase each other around and laugh together instead of just trying to get each others’ toys (though there was a lot of that going on, too).

writing// Javi’s Cafe, 19. But mostly I was editing The Christian Musician.


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