10 Books

If you could only read 10 books for the rest of your life, what would they be? (Bible is a given). I picked over our bookshelves for these 10:

I was surprised there was no Tolkien in there, but otherwise it was pretty easy to choose. The first five (not in order in the picture) were pretty obvious, but as I got closer to the end it was harder to decide between books. I was not surprised by which authors it DID include – Lewis, Elliot, Card, Tozer, Piper.

Top 5:
Keep a Quiet Heart – Elisabeth Elliot. I read this for probably the third time right after S was born. Such well thought-out, down-to-earth devotionals on almost every topic. They’re short and stick with you. I could read it again and again! {2nd from bottom}

– Because He Loves Me – Elyse Fitzpatrick. The best book I’ve read on how the gospel applies to our lives. I don’t like that the cover is all flowers and butterflies because that makes it seem geared towards women. But I’d recommend it for everyone. The first half focuses on how we are more sinful than we could ever think, and yet He loves us more than we can ever imagine, and the second half on what that means for our lives. {on the bottom}

– A Sacred Sorrow – Michael Card. A look at lament in the Bible and our own lives, looking at people like Job, Jesus, David, and Jeremiah. A lot of theological content, but not in a scholastic way, so I’d especially recommend it to people who are struggling with depression, but it’s really for everyone. {4th from bottom}

– The Weight of Glory – C.S. Lewis. A collection of essays. It’s so diverse it’s hard to really comment on beyond that, but “The Weight of Glory” is my favorite. {2nd from top}

– Who Put Jesus on the Cross  – A.W. Tozer. Another collection of essays that’s hard to say more about. Mr. Haynes gave it to all the counselors after Csehy 2013. The best one? “What is the Supreme Sin of a Profane Society?” {3rd from top}

The rest of the Top 10: {no particular order}
– Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way – While we didn’t really end up using the method itself, the early chapters about what happens in childbirth and how we think about pain were revolutionary for me. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can get it without the drawings/photos, which are often nude… so that almost made me not include this in my list. {3rd from bottom}

– Perelandra – C.S. Lewis. The whole trilogy is good, and Ezra prefers “That Hideous Strength,” but the allegory in this was powerful. {5th from bottom}

– Ann Judson’s journals – this is hard to find, and was given to me by friends. She’s one of my heroes, and her journal is inspiring and challenging. {5th from top}

– God is the Gospel – John Piper. I had to include a Piper, and this one is my favorite of his. So much meditation on who God is!  {4th from top}

– When Sinners Say “I Do” – Harvey. We read a lot of marriage books, and this one was both Ezra’s and my favorite. So helpful in understanding conflict and so much else! {top}

And these 10 were the runners up (trilogies count as 1!):

The Loveliness of Christ – Samuel Rutherford
– The Bruised Reed – Richard Sibbes
– The Lord of the Rings – J.R. R. Tolkien
– Les Miserables – Victor Hugo
– The Singer, the Song, and the Finale – Calvin Miller
– If – Amy Carmichael
– The Hidden Art of Homemaking – Edith Schaeffer (though in retrospect i might swap it out for Wilberforce’s “A Practical view of Christianity”)
– Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God – Noel Piper

What books would you choose?


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