{37 weeks out}

{English Country dancing ball}

{lamb neck… but Ottolenghi did not fail us and it was delicious!}

{sorting and packing}

{9 months and wearing one of my old dresses}

{Anna D came to visit and help with the move! It’s hard to believe we will have been in this apartment for a year when we move out. It’s hard to leave the quiet and sunset views, the neighbors we’re just beginning to know, the dog park nearby where I go running, and all the memories – the dining room we wolfed down pizza with church friends surrounded by boxes the night we moved in, the bedroom I labored in, the almost constantly full guest room, the bathroom I sat in for hours trying to get S to sleep in the dark… We love it here and are sad to go but can’t wait to find out what our next place will be!}

{Ethiopian food with church friends. S loved it!}

{Dehydrating water kefir grains}

{S’s bunny from a friend at church – the 2 year old wanted to give it to her. S absolutely loves it and showers it with kisses. So thankful for all of our friends here. I am looking forward to new adventures, but I wanted to put off these goodbyes forever. “I hold it true, whate’er befall /
I feel it when I sorrow most /
‘Tis better to have loved and lost /
Than never to have loved at all.” – Tennyson.}

{Anna stayed back with S and E and I went on a date. We were going to walk at the lake, but by the time S was in bed it was dark, so we found concert in park under the stars and got frozen yogurt and it was a lovely evening. It was my early birthday celebration, and I also opened my new camera lens from Ezra, which has been absolutely wonderful to have on this trip}

{day before the movers came and the washing machine overflowed and I was even more thankful Anna was there! Also thankful for the words of a friend praying for us to know His nearness whether all goes smoothly or not.}

{so thankful for this team of musicians and being able to serve with them in the last year and a half. It has grown me musically and spiritually and forged great friendships and many sweet memories. Definitely one of the things I’ll miss most.}

{Saying goodbye to our friends at the dog park. This girl sure loves dogs!}

{friends from birth class wanted to have an early birthday celebration for our babies. I had stopped by the birth center earlier in the week to say goodbye to my favorite midwife and chat with the lab/office nurses one last time. Thankful I also got to see our birth class teacher and the birth assistant who stuck with us through a difficult first day of feeding S and sent us home fully prepared in case those difficulties continued. So so so thankful for this little community, especially the pockets of deep faith within it.}

{last day in SoCal called for tacos and the beach after church}


favorite recipes// carrot cake breakfast cookies // coconut flour cookies: added some coconut milk and then made some coconut whipped cream for the babies’ cupcakes at their early birthday celebration // figgy piggy pizza // thin mint brownies (I used a mix of raisins and dates) // lentil couscous salad // quinoa oat protein bars // salted caramel cashew chunk smoothie // spinach quinoa muffins (you can ditch the sweetener, though).

best of online// going beyond social justice to social righteousness // pain-free baby holding (Love this blog!) //  crochet baby turban pattern // crocheted aviator hat // to the wife whose husband works long hours // confessions of a crusty hymn purist // the passions that prevent adultery // Sexuality & Singles (Elisabeth Elliot) Part 2 //How should we respond to the Ashley Madison scandal? // why ditch the infant cereals (for all those who wonder why we don’t feed S any grains yet – it’s not just her past allergies) // An Honest Conversation about Abortion (MUST READ. I posted it before but am linking to it again)

reading of late// studying and working on my IBCD level 1 certification exam // Paul Washer’s “The Gospel’s Power and Message”

thinking about// how publishing makes you vulnerable to critique, some of which is a good reminder to fight pride, but is also a reminder that you can’t please all readers // having nothing in our apartment was so nice and freeing. But it really makes me pray for those fleeing ISIS who have even less, and not because it’s going ahead of them but because they had to leave it all behind. // In the midst of craziness with moving and S having some terrible sleep patterns, there were lots of days where I sat there with her sleeping on me, and was then overwhelmed by thankfulness that were were all simply together. Less-than-ideal circumstances, yes, but we are together. 

what brings joy// being together // spontaneous date nights to symphony concerts // spending time with friends //

Miss Munchkin// is a fantastic traveler, has 5-almost-6 teeth, says “dog,” and waves at everyone.

writing// Javi’s Cafe, 20.


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