My photos from September are spread around the road trip post and an upcoming Japan post, but here is my usual monthly update, minus the recipes since we were on the road for most of September, so I barely cooked, and when I did it was old recipes.

best of online// How to Fight Anxiety (Piper) // Did Christ die for us or for God? (Piper) // Brushing Shoulders // Courageous VS The Incredibles // Writing Begins With Forgiveness // Teaching Our Children the Raw Parts of Scripture // To a Woman Considering Abortion // Your Child is Your Neighbor (ouch) // Confessions of a Social Media Addict (ouch, especially in a new place when E is not home) // Relational Justice (Olasky) // Your To-Do List (Belz)

reading of late// The Gospel’s Power and Message – Paul Washer

thinking about// “When a civilization falls in the fog of war, and no one pays attention, does it make a sound?” – Mindy Belz // the movie Boychoir: how polyphony was used to change a pre-teen’s life. Yeah, Tallis!

what brings joy// watching S grow // surprise visits to E // Redwood trees // rain // not flying an American airline // finally being in Japan // iTunes on shuffle: Tallis followed by the Hobbit followed by Song of the Selkies followed by Britten’s War Requiem followed by Louis Armstrong followed by King’s Singers with Albrecht Mayer topped off with Arabic hymns

Miss Munchkin//  is a super-duper traveler: 35+ hours in the car, 12 hour flights, 16 hour time changes. She’s also covering more ground on her own. Her record is 15 steps, but she almost always starts out walking now if she’s standing and will often walk between things. She has 6 teeth, likes to hold hands, stick her tongue out, and melt the hearts of teenage Japanese girls with waves and monkey noises. A transoceanic move mostly on my own with a 10 month old would never have been my first choice. But with the worst of it over, I can say I’m so glad to have had this crazy kid with me the whole time, monkey noises, cautious walking, and laughter especially. My two favorite things about being her mom are watching her learn and all the smiles she brings everyone around her.
She also love Ethiopian and Indian food, and occasionally says dog (da), hi, and kitty (seesee).

writing// Javi’s Cafe, 21.

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