First week in Japan + October

Layover in LA before our flight to San Diego the day before we flew to Japan.

All our stuff.

Food on the plane. S did so well; I was amazed and thankful!

Our first glimpse of Japan! I looked out and thought “oh, land!” and then realized it was Japan and got so excited!

Flowers in our neighborhood – they smell amazing!


Studio Ghibli stuff! Still crazy expensive, but at least we can find something if we want it. 😉

She found the white noise and was happily playing with it when I went to (I thought) wake her up from a long nap.

Cocoa, sweaters, and Doctor Who.

Following some ladies to a fish festival. AKA the time I realized that just because I can ASK where “sakana matsuri” is doesn’t mean I’ll understand the ANSWER.

Enjoying my first Autumn in 10 years.

She refuses to fall asleep when I cover her head in the Ergo. Thankfully with a bunch of swaying she’ll pass out even with it light out, even on my back.

Made a measuring stick! This also signifies my first time driving outside of our neighborhood. A friend needed help transporting some wood from the store so I drove her there and picked up some wood for myself. I haven’t driven far by myself yet as I need another pair of eyes on the road (or pedestrians). Fun fact: it’s my 4th driver’s license in the 4 years I’ve been driving. 2 states, 2 countries other than the US.

I love having plants in the house.

Figs were easier to find here than in San Diego!

Dancing to American music while we waited for our restaurant to open


There are some beautiful flowers around here!

Cooking with mom and Candace.

I have a lot more photos of places we went while my family was here, but I’ll be posting them in separate posts because it’s a lot of pictures!

favorite recipes// fig tartlets // pumpkin chocolate chip coconut flour muffins (or quick bread) // maple glazed kabocha squash // couscous stuffed tomatoes // Japanese curry from scratch // soaked baked oatmeal (so good with steel cut oats) // spinach artichoke chicken // spinach artichoke egg casserole

best of online//  Beauty is a “clue” that God exists // of weddings and heaven // parenting persons, not projects // DIY measuring stick // 70 skills every holistically minded homemaker should know //

reading of late// not much. It’s been kind of crazy with settling in and family visiting!

thinking about// what church is and if or how it’s different when you’re only somewhere for a year // El Faro, Psalm 107, Eternal Father Strong to Save, and many prayers for everyone we know on the water. // “The heart is as impossible to satisfy as the grave – until Jesus enters it, and then it is an overflowing cup.” – Charles Spurgeon

what brings joy// S’s laughter and cuddles // being all together // Studio Ghibli movies // exploring // Japanese food // quiet evenings with craft projects, tea or cocoa, and Doctor Who // finishing IBCD level 1 and passing the exam!

Miss Munchkin// walks everywhere. She likes to strut around the house playing with her belly fat or patting her chest. I’m thankful we’re over jet lag but teething is hitting us pretty hard right now.

writing// I posted another part of Javi’s Cafe, but writing has been on break right now due to everything else that’s going on, but I’m actually enjoying it.


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