Japan: Tokyo, #1

Learning to be fashionable in Harajuku

View from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (read: don’t spend money going up the Skytree; this is free)

It’s free and everyone will want to take pictures of your little blondie.

The Imperial Palace gardens were closed because it was Friday, but we still walked around the outside, which was gorgeous.

And S was the main attraction again.

Tea Ceremony. (where to see one. Next link: about the tea ceremony).

Air B’n’b meant sleeping in a tatami room! Yay!

The machine ate our tickets.

Tokyo is mostly baby and stroller friendly. Restaurants don’t always have highchairs so eating can be hard if we don’t have the stroller or there’s no room for it, and elevators aren’t always around or easy to find.

The exit also isn’t always easy to find, even when you know the kanji for it. This man showed us the way out of the metro and took us most of the way to the Imperial Palace.


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