Happy New Year!

2015 was such a full year for us – we saw all of both of our immediate families and most of both of our extended families, in Washington, Oregon, and Colorado, with some visiting us in California! We also enjoyed a number of my friends visiting, and Ezra was able to catch up with some of his closest friends at a wedding.
It’s hard to believe we most likely leave Japan this year (goal for 2017: don’t move).

It wasn’t an easy year, but we definitely grew a lot. Motherhood has a lot of growing pains, and that probably won’t ever really slow down. We also had a number of ministry opportunities, with Ezra being able to give a lot spiritually at work and helping out a neighbor in great need before we left San Diego.

Various things from my journal:
– a baby can make your relationships shallower if you get lazy, but deeper if you are honest
– a quote from church: there is nothing impressive about us. what is impressive is Christ’s righteousness. That’s why there’s no need for masks.
– it gets easier when you stop having expectations
– the curse gives pain in childbirth, the cross gives His help to make it through
– your child’s sleep is not a measure of good or bad parenting
– hard naps are to teach me to seek Him
– patience is easier when you have compassion
– His grace is HERE no matter how she sleeps – I will praise YOU for SHE is fearfully and wonderfully made. God has given US THIS child with THESE difficulties at THIS crazy time in our life. Nothing is without purpose.
– she’s not irritating, I’m irritable
– even when life is not fun there can still be joy through Him
– in the darkness of the soul how big is Your God? He is greater than the night. He brings out every star, every night. He is ordering every detail of my life, even when it is veiled or doesn’t seem right to me.

being together
S’s silliness
living in Japan
a place to call home
peace and friendship between US and Japan
GBC San Diego
Dubai family
nursing S past 1 year
diversity of creation
how He speaks in difficulty
worship via music
Prince of PEACE
World Magazine
He fills my need
people to love, even in the pain of missing them
grace to navigate new cultures (that time I was in the crowded grocery store the day before New Years’ Eve, thinking “I can’t Japanese!!!”)
healthy 2015
enough time
S’s 7 toothed smile
the way S shows me the world differently
google translate

This was my list at the end of 2014 for what I hoped to do in 2015, and how those goals went:
Nourishing Traditions: soak, ferment, whole, broth – I did eat a lot more fermented food and bone broth than usual, and most of what we ate at home was whole foods. As far as soaking grain, February-July was mostly grain-free so there wasn’t a lot of that going on, and I still don’t really eat/make a lot of bread at home, so I didn’t really get into that.
publish an eBook The Christian Musician was published in August.
52 project: photo a week I decided I take too many that this was thrown out.
Bible reading plan Got halfway through the Bible!
get together more with ladies from church This went pretty well, though I really didn’t do it a whole lot until later in the year unless Ezra was traveling.
meditate on the glories of Christ and of heaven (the practical side of the resolution to not fear)
MOVE back across the ocean & sort through/get rid of stuff before we go
cook through (or more through) Jerusalem We only have 33 recipes left (that’s including condiments)
work on reeds… if time allows I made a few…
possibly learn to draw some again I finished Drawing Textbook and did some handlettering projects.

Not on the original list:
Finished IBCD’s Level 1 Care and Discipleship Course and listened to the first half of the second
Started the Ferling Etudes on Oboe
Getting my wisdom teeth out

For 2016:

Finish Jerusalem
Design a coat of arms for our family
IBCD Level 2
“School” with S: sensory bins, clapping/acting music, reading to her, coloring, instruments.
Edit and publish Love Victorious
finish reading through Bible
Thankfulness: especially with savoring food
Reed making & Ferling Etudes
Gingerbug & sourdough
Possibly a summer toddler music class
Help out with an English Class

FOOD to nourish
MUSIC to encourage
READING to know God
WRITING to encourage
STUDY to prepare
SOCIAL MEDIA to encourage
EXERCISE for health
DECORATING to make home a haven

Dependence (vs being so independent)

Mt. Fuji

“Worry is not believing God will get it right, and bitterness is believing God got it wrong.” – Keller
“Thou madest us for Thyself, and our hearts are restless, until it rest in Thee” – Augustine
“Whatever may pass and whatever lies before me, let me be singing when the evening comes.”
1 Cor 15:58
Phil 4:1-8


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