Little Thoughts: Pinterest

I got Pinterest a few years ago to organize my brain. We were getting married in a few months and I was saving recipes I came across, decorating ideas, and other things like that in bookmark folders and it was getting overwhelming. It became my recipe box, mostly.
But the last few months have brought a lot of struggle with it. It still makes me feel overwhelmed sometimes because I only like to pin things I think I will actually make or do, which leads to me feeling like it’s a to-do list of things I have to get done instead of ideas for when I need them.
However, the bigger thing I realized was that I was falling into the trap of trying to have a “Pinterest life.” I wanted to decorate the house a certain way or felt like I needed to be doing certain things with S, instead of just using it as a resource, as well as it feeding cravings for dessert (even healthy treats).
So I took some time to go through all of my boards and deleted everything I didn’t think I would actually make, almost all the unmade dessert recipes that had refined sugar, and started being more careful with what I pinned or read.
Because while there are some good ideas on Pinterest, it’s like all other social media in the way it can overwhelm our lives and take away from our living.
Instead of feeling like I need to do xyz with S, I can just do what I want to do with her and use it to find ideas when I need one (though I’m still searching for a sensory bin she won’t try to eat).
Another thing I was really struggling with via Pinterest was feeling like our grocery budget was over the top when I saw pins about how low some people’s grocery budgets are. Reality check: we lived in SoCal and now live in Japan. I used a $50/week meal plan as a gauge and spent $60 without even buying everything on the list because I already had it or was subbing it with something I already had.

Whether it’s pinterest, instagram, Facebook, or some other thing, social media or not, as people accountable to God and seeking to be content and faithful with what we have, these things should be tools helping us do what we are called to do and not time wasters sucking the joy out of our life.

What are ways you use social media as a tool and fight the urge to waste time online?

P.S.: I read this in the midst of the struggle with feeling like I should do certain things with or for S, and it really resonated with me and was extremely encouraging and challenging. It helped me remember that while my job is to raise S, life does not revolve around her, and while I do take the time to play with her, she also can learn to play on her own or “work” beside me (usually equates banging on bread tins while I make dinner, but someday will mean stirring the soup while I chop the veggies, etc).

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