Food in Japan, Part 2

Octopus crackers.

Ice cream vending machine

Ice cream mochi – totally an American thing but still yummy.

corn soup from the vending machine… have yet to try.

buying Manjuu

hot chocolate from a vending machine

produce here is amazing. And the apples are GIANT.

kitkat. Most likely manjuu flavored, but we’re not sure. We’ve also tried matcha ones. Yum.

Sauteed hormone, anyone?

My friend makes delicious sushi.

Natto. I’d read about this and decided I needed to try it, although I knew it was known for being gross. But it has a ton of vitamin K2 in it.

It was edible if I mixed it with apple cider vinegar and cashews… but still not nice.

Takoyaki – octopus dough balls. Not really a fan… octopus is too chewy!

Welcome treats at our ryokan… pretty much just flavored, shaped sugar.

Kaiseki meal at the ryokan:
Course 1:

Course 2:



Ezra’s entree:


6: my entree:

Teeny fish

Dessert was just some fruit.


Chinatown street food:
Mochi with bean paste, coated in sesame seeds:

Window display. šŸ˜‰

Variety of steamed buns and dumplings with dinner

steamed buns

amazing dumplings


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