Japan: Spring Blossoms

We heard that the Cherry (Sakura) blossoms were going to be in March, and we weren’t going to be in Japan in March, so when we heard the plum (ume) trees were going to be blooming, we decided to go find some!

The plum blossoms come in a variety of shades

We then heard that there were some even closer to where we live, so we ventured out again a few days later!

After seeing those second plum trees, we were wondering how much different cherry blossoms would really be. And then.

People were posting pictures on Facebook of some early-blooming cherry blossoms. So we went. See for yourself, but there are SO many more blossoms on the sakura trees than the ume ones. They are much more clustered, too, so the whole tree is just covered in them!

If we ever do a pink girls’ room, it will be at least somewhat Sakura.

Thrown in for comparison: Plum tree

April update:
I caught a few last blossoms when I got back from Dubai!





Wisteria in late April/May

{and my favorite, columbine}



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