From some oranges I bought…

S loves to hold on when we’re on the train

Everywhere needs these – a seat for the baby in public restrooms!

Snow! We went to Hokkaido for the Snow Festival in Sapporo. This is what greeted us at the station our Air BnB was closest to! I’ll be posting more photos from that trip in a separate post.

Seeking warmth in Sapporo

We went with a few friends, which was really fun, and it helped S to have a friend for when we were just hanging out at the air bnb. The guys were building a snowman and the girls were watching. 🙂

S playing in the snow. She didn’t like it.

Hard to see, but that’s Fuji in the distance.

Better view of Fuji! My friend Sarah came to visit and wanted to see pretty scenery, so we went to a lot of parks while she was here.

The beach with Fuji views also had lots of sea glass and pottery!

About once a month there’s an event in town that’s a room full of handmade felt toys. It’s free, but even if it wasn’t we’d go because the toys are beautiful and S always has a blast.

We went searching for Plum Blossoms at a beautiful garden in Yokohama.

Feeding the fish

With Sarah

On Valentines Day in Japan, the girls give their guys chocolate. The kind of chocolate they give them depends on how much they like the guy – there’s “obligation chocolate” and then there’s the really nice stuff, or even better, homemade. So I made Ezra some truffles. 😉

We have 8 recipes left from Jerusalem!!! This baklava was delicious and so easy!

And Sarah wanted Indian food since it’s hard to get where she lives right now and they LOVE Indian food in Japan. So we mostly ate lots of naan because I’m pregnant and want carbs.

We also made some tasty pizza

Ezra and I went to Tully’s for tea. But they only had black tea and it was 8 PM. So we got hot chocolate.

That’s OUR BABY!!! Only one, and his/her heartbeat was strong. So thankful (twins would be welcomed but I’d rather not move with twin 2 month olds…)

We found some Sakura too and of course S drew a crowd. 😉

And the cherry blossom route took us through some beautiful farms.

Flowers bought here last so much longer and are so much cheaper!

It keeps her occupied for a long time every day!

More Jerusalem

First braid!

favorite recipes// white chicken enchilada casserole // grain free puff pancake // dark chocolate earl grey truffles (tea needs a longer steep) // whole wheat blueberry scones // creamy ham and sweet potato soup // re-make: spinach egg artichoke casserole // buckwheat (or just plain wheat) pancakes with blue cheese and green onion //

best of online//  when motherhood breaks you // 8 simple words for when someone is grieving // raising my Ebenezer (so good as we look ahead to things changing with #2) // flirting with the idol of safety // escaping ISIS // eBook publisher can’t afford traditional publishing // some thoughts on Trump // masterly inactivity in homeschooling // Not ready // Why the Hashtag #foodporn needs to stop // This article is good, and I don’t know how I feel about Jesus in pictures, but I love this picture // developing our second bests // Six Truths for Dating Someone with a Sexual History // How Music Elevates Story in Lord of the Rings // Florence Foster Jenkins //How Caring for Children Changes the World // Milestones not in baby books // Your name in Gallifreyan // Hidden Miracles of the Natural World // various videos from Facebook I can’t link to: Bernie Sanders “conducting,” a reminder to keep round batteries away from kids, and for younger, gassy babies, don’t lift their legs for a diaper change but roll them side to side.

reading of late// The Shadowfields // Twelve Ordinary Men (MacArthur) // The Book on Leadership (MacArthur) //

The Munchkins//
S is really starting to talk more! She says things very seriously all the time, but her vocabulary is growing beyond mama, baby, yay, and wow – she says hi to everyone, says shoe, dog, papa/man (seems to be the same word for both), and chocho (Japanese for butterfly). She will also make elephant, monkey, dog, cow (boo), crow, and owl noises. She knows the ultrasound photo on the fridge is baby and that baby and my tummy have something to do with each other, but I don’t know if she really understands or just knows that’s what we call it.
Akachan appears to be growing well! I feel great and am so excited. I know it’s still early, but I may have felt the baby moving.

writing// Emirates + lots and lots of editing!

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