Bump 2.0 – First Trimester

I can’t believe I’m already a week or two into the second trimester! It’s gone so quickly. I have to keep reminding myself that second trimester with S was a road trip, Csehy, family vacations/reunions, birth classes, a move, and lots of other things. It goes quickly but it’s also plenty of time to prepare.


11/12 weeks

From March 16

7.5 weeks VS 13/14 weeks.

From March 16

{for comparison… 14 weeks with S}

Baby is due September 13-19… I side with the later date but don’t know if they will officially change the due date to it or not, even though it’s what the ultrasound showed. I loved the midwife I met at my first appointment. I have to deliver at a hospital since the birth centers won’t take anyone rh- (I guess it’s not common here!), and we want to stay somewhere that language isn’t a barrier, but we’ve heard really good things about it being flexible with what you want to do in labor.
I have still felt really good – just some indigestion occasionally and I get restless legs more frequently than I did with S. But otherwise it’s been easy and I’m really thankful for that!

I am almost positive I’ve been feeling the baby move off and on since about 13 weeks. I’m in a bit of denial about it since it’s so early, but I don’t know when I started feeling it with S since I brushed it off as gas for a few weeks before I realized at 18 weeks it was the baby moving.
As I write I’m about 15 weeks (a few days over 14 or a few days shy of 16) and just gave up my pre-pregnancy jeans (3 weeks earlier than with S, but these fit better), and feel like I have a temperamental bump depending on what I ate, my posture, etc.
I want cheese, and carbs too, but mostly CHEESE.

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