I’ve been craving cheese and carbs this pregnancy (mostly cheese, though) and so mac and cheese sounded PERFECT.

Keeping S occupied while I practiced oboe.

I’d also been having trouble with restless legs, but couldn’t get magnesium flakes before I left for Dubai so tried to load up on cacao nibs.

bought an onigiri mold at the 100 Yen store and practiced with some leftover rice!

Packing for Dubai! Everything including gifts and cloth diapers fit!

How to keep a toddler occupied on a 12 hour flight with a 2 hour delay. She did SO well.

Eeyore is great with S, but he is also jealous of all the attention she gets.

Hannah had gotten back from France the same day I arrived, so she brought me a crossaint.

sleeping away the jet lag

Sarah had a layover so I got to see her for a bit!

pita with hummus, halloumi cheese, Egyptian-style fava beans, za’atar and veggies for lunch.

park time with Grandpa

We had crazy rain so we had to do the Dubai kid thing and splash in puddles.

sewing at the C’s like always! I was re-elasticizing some cloth diaper covers. 2 bucks for elastic and a couple of hours to re-do 6 diaper covers! So worth it!

They handed us a coupon book when we walked into the mall so we had to get buy-one-get-one-free waffles.

beach day!

S hates the water but LOVES sand.

Global Village

we bought some stuff, but mostly came for these!

We’ve run into a number of Syrians and it’s hard for me every time, to know what to say when they talk about home with so much sorrow. Same thing with Yemenis, as we taste-tested honey in the Yemen pavilion.

watching Aunt Candace play baseball

brunch with M

my Global Village goodies.

visa run to Oman

Doctor Who with Candace

got to go hear the Dubai Wind Band! I miss playing with them.

Easter at the beach

trying to get a good picture!

Always a good time with these people

Got to play English Horn with the Arabian Youth Orchestra. I’m so thankful it worked out, with there being a part, an open spot, and for my parents being able to babysit S for the handful of rehearsals I had to be at and the concerts.
It was also great as it was a different conductor this year, one that was really amazing, both as a conductor and in working with youth. One day he had us “play” 4′ 33″, which was actually really neat as a way to practice silence as well as really have a time of rest and calm – I definitely have more appreciation for the piece now!

S got to hear some of a rehearsal and was dancing and conducting as usual

homemade marshmallows

I was only in half of the concert which meant I got to relax for the 2nd half. 😉

favorite recipes// since we were with my family for most of March, I didn’t really cook. But we did make Mommypotamus’s marshmallows, and I made okonomiyaki for my family (used this recipe for chuno sauce).

best of online// when you carry the weight of a child // interesting experiment about kids and guns // why kids should go barefoot more // Better than a birth plan // wanted // conversation with Michael Card // freezing in glass // the overlooked hope for Susan Pevensie // Syria: Hell is never far away // genetics & sleep training // Your Sorrow Will Turn to Joy – Meditations for Holy Week // Beware of Quicksand // Though You Slay Me // Picturing Loss: Syrian Families Pose Leaving Space for Missing Loved Ones
***What you should know about the Syrian Civil War
***Reducing allergies by introducing tastes of food between 5-7 months (read the whole thing! It’s fascinating!)
*** Creative Motherhood

reading of late// A Gospel Primer (Milton Vincent) // Trim Healthy Mama (review possibly coming soon) // A Grief Observed (Lewis) // Art & The Bible (Schaeffer. Good summary here) // listening to Compelling Interest //

thinking about// It’s so easy to skip over news of attacks by ISIS, Boko Haram. Al Shabaab. and others. “Again. Another one.” I often feel like I emotionally can’t hear of another. But then you meet people. You meet the woman at the park who’s from Syria and when she says it you don’t know how you’ll ever respond because of the look in her eyes. Or you’re talking with the men selling honey in the Yemen Pavilion at Global Village and telling them where you went and remember that some of those places are gone now. And in the Syria pavilion, how much you want to go back but can’t.
Please, you don’t have to read every article, but at least take a moment to pray for every headline you read. For many people it’s not just another headline.

what brings joy// S playing with my friends’ kids and experiencing my favorite things of Dubai // Good Friday hymn-sings complete with Passion Chorales (Ah Holy Jesus, O Sacred Head) // Dubai skyline // playing with an ensemble // English Horn // poems from Ezra // little baby movements

The Munchkins// S seems to prefer making noises over words (she usually identifies the dog and cat by their sounds even though she can say dog and kitty), but her latest word is “no,” and she really likes to use it. Camels seem to have replace dogs as her favorite animal.
She also tells us where she wants to go by holding our hand and leading us there, likes to hold sheet music and sing, and loves baby dolls (she likes to cry for them, and if I say they’re hungry, she hands the baby to me. If I say they want milk, she drops the doll and signs for nursing…). She also bows instead of saying thank you, and occasionally will bow when she hands you something (16.5 months).
Akachan appears to be growing well and I have definitely felt movement!


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