Food in Japan, Part 3

I apologize for the silence! I have a lot of posts coming but none of them were ready quite yet. 🙂

Japanese pizza

Hokkaido is famous for its dairy

Japanese bakeries.

This is our favorite kind of restaurant – you have your own little room, with a table that’s sunk into the ground, so you can dangle your legs but it’s still the height of traditional Japanese tables. Most of the dishes are small and meant to be shared around, so it’s great for taking guests who want to try a variety of foods all in one place.

I have no idea how ethical this is but it’s whale.

Not Japanese food, but definitely food in Japan: they LOVE Indian food here.

This was tasty! I don’t know what’s on the outside, but the inside was hot rice and meat.

yellow kiwi
I had heard about a hole-in-the-wall place that had udon and soba, so we went and ended up having the best curry ever.

Peace ice cream!

Ezra is much more daring than I am when it comes to food. He ordered this having no idea what it was… and it was good but we still have no idea what it was.

Black sesame ice cream on the left, wasabi ice cream on the right.

A sushi chef in San Diego said “get sushi in Shibuya!” Shibuya has tons of sushi places and food in general, but we still added it to our bucket list and I did some research and last time we were in Tokyo we went to a standing sushi bar in Shibuya that was definitely tasty! But ALL sushi in Japan is so much higher quality than what you get in the states, and it’s hard for us to tell much beyond that.


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