Japan: Fuji Lakes

After our day in Shirakawa-go, we stayed the night in Takayama and in the morning drove to the Fuji Lakes – another gorgeous drive.

Our first stop was Iyashi no Sato, which was neat, but not as impressive (though the houses were quite different) than Shirakawa-go, and was mostly stores and not people demonstrating how to do the handicrafts as I had thought it would be. We were also a little sad because it was a cloudy day and we didn’t see Fuji at all.

But we still enjoyed walking around.

We got ice cream as we finally saw more flavors than matcha and vanilla. I had been wanting to try wasabi for a while and black sesame is one of our favorites, so those are the two we got!

Then we headed over to Lake Kawaguchiko and the Music Forest. S probably enjoyed it the most – I was a little disappointed as I was expecting it to have more outdoor hands-on musical activities and natural musical instruments.

We popped into the Herb Hall just to see what it was, since I had read about it.

Then we got udon and tempura at a place our Air BnB host had recommended.


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