Japan: Tokyo

Our original plan was to spend our fourth and last day of vacation driving up to the Fifth Station of Fuji and doing a bit of hiking, but it was pouring rain and wind was shaking the car, so they weren’t letting people drive up. We were disappointed, but were glad we had at least found the musical road that plays music when you drive over it. So we drove into Tokyo instead.

S watching the wind from our Air BnB before the rain picked up.

Our first stop was the Imperial Palace. We had tried to go twice before, but once it was closed and another time the rain kept us inside. So we went not on a Friday (it’s always closed on Fridays) and thankfully the rain in Tokyo wasn’t as bad as it had been at Fuji.

Different kinds of bamboo

S brought me a flower!

Then we got back in the car and drove to Shibuya. We almost didn’t drive, but it was cheaper to drive than take the subway there and back and it was also faster… so there went my “I won’t drive downtown Tokyo and definitely not through Shibuya crossing” statement. It really wasn’t so bad. People are polite and follow rules in Japan, so even though it was crowded it wasn’t too nerve-wracking.

We walked through the crossing and took S to meet Hachiko.

And then we went to get sushi, since a sushi chef in San Diego said we had to get it in Shibuya and this was the best economical sushi I could find reviews of online.


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