We started and kept a ginger bug going for a bit. We loved making ginger ale with it but it was so much work to keep up and ginger isn’t cheap when you’re going through it so fast!

20 weeks pregnant, needed a smoothie after S was in bed, so we made it on the porch.

I got buttons for all the sweaters I made at a 100Y store.

WE DID IT! Aside from a recipe in the condiments section that requires out of season turnips, we have made every single recipe in Jerusalem! Blog post coming. 😉

She loves her baby doll (one of my old toys), and “mommy’s baby.”

Because not much can be better than a savory donut filled with curry.

Our first kaitan-sushi (sushi-go-round) sushi experience.

Everyone is starting to complain about heat and humidity and I’m sitting here thinking ‘I’m cold and no way is it humid’ – until I made bread and after a 24 hour soak I had to add extra flour because of all the extra moisture it had absorbed from the air.

She’s such a social butterfly.

For our English Class fun day one of the teachers taught us all how to paint Fuji.
The only reason it looks like anything is not due to my painting skills but her teaching skills. The ladies at my table commented on the pink in the sky saying ‘sunset’ but when they saw the pink on the mountain they said it was erupting…

We had a change of pace in work for Ezra for a few weeks, which was really nice. He had much shorter hours so we got to eat breakfast together every day!

Bamboo forest!

Because Ponyo and Mei are a pretty good summation of S’s personality and they were pretty much the only things in our budget at the Studio Ghibli store.

We went out for curry.

With the warmer weather, we’ve been trying to get S to not hate baths by leaving the bath thing alone for a while and just enjoying water play.

Good food for thought in Resounding Truth – review coming!

Poppies ❤

Our fist time roller sliding. It’s a big thing here, but S was NOT a fan.

She didn’t like the slide, but the orange by her feet is the roller slide mat, which she’s claimed as her own to drag around everywhere.

new cookbooks from Ezra!

And mint chip cheesecake!

I tried to copy the melon soda here by putting melon into water kefir. It didn’t taste quite right, and the melon had a huge reaction with the kefir and exploded everywhere when I opened it.

Also, we felt our first earthquake! The notifications from our phones were scarier than the earthquake. It was a 3 or a 4, but didn’t last very long and I don’t know if I would have noticed it if our phones hadn’t gone wild. It’s hard to believe we’ve lived in Japan for 8 months and hadn’t felt one until now. We missed one of a similar size when we were in Sapporo, though.

favorite recipes// ginger bug // moroccan chicken salad with pistachio encrusted goat cheese // pesto & cheese stuffed (or topped, we didn’t stuff) chicken // hot chocolate smoothies // pumpkin apple-pie muffins (grain free) // healthy ginger ale // raspberry brie dessert pizza // rhubarb chai cream pie (needs more chai) // handroll sushi // aji de gallina (a Peruvian dish Ezra remembers having once growing up) // eggplant involtini (the lemon in this makes it amazing. We used rice instead of breadcrumbs because we had an overload of cooked rice) // curry and yogurt braised chicken // frozen whipped jello (I’ve made this before, but expect I’ll make it again lots this summer!) // legume noodle soup // rhubarb crumble ice cream (used this for the ice cream base, used 1/2 c honey and a splash of water instead of 1 c sugar & 1 c water in the rhubarb sauce, and subbed honey for sugar 1:1 in the crumble) // mint chip cheesecake (a favorite of mine, but this was the first time using a “healthy” recipe! It turned out great. I used real cream cheese and subbed flour for the cornstarch) with this crust, which needed a bit of coconut oil to pull it together //

best of online// 10 Things You Should Know About Motherhood // Should I Self-Publish? // Don’t Serve God // Rescuing those taken by ISIS // What screen time does to kids’ brains // 6 things to stop telling your toddler (not 100% in agreement with all this but good food for thought) // 8 Considerations for Christian Parents // Share Your Knowledge With Writers // Disability Awareness for Kids // volunteers are fueling the growth of orphanages in Uganda // Victims of Boko Haram are shunned by their communities // the first explanation we’ve read of how non-thermal EMF could cause damage that seems legit // some good thoughts on women teaching men // I’m not all on board with hypnobirthing, but a friend was telling me to look into the breathing the baby out technique after I told her how much I hated pushing with S. Here’s a good video (no nudity) // I bought tickets to a ballet here in a few months and was watching some of our favorite excerpts – Le Corsaire, and two versions of Flames of Paris // something reminded me of this song when I was reading to S so I played it for her and she liked stomping along //

reading of late// Resounding Truth – Jeremy Begbie // in the midst of The Knowledge of the Holy (Tozer) and the audio version of Compelling Interest.

what brings joy// falling asleep to the sound of E & S breathing // hand-me-down clothes for S from neighbors // yummy food // nursing S to sleep – treasuring all the moments that will change before or after the baby is born // waking up to S singing

The Munchkins// S is saying SO MANY words and repeats things if we ask her to. She is developing a goofy personality and loves to make us laugh and tease us by offering us food and then taking it away. And is still our social butterfly, waving to everyone and saying “hi” and “bye.”
Akachan is a very active girl, and we are pretty sure we have her name picked out but aren’t announcing it just in case.

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