Special treat/protein for after my glucose test.

Beach day with friends

Guess the flavor!

Miso from a friend… full story coming later.

The bugs are coming out! Thankfully I’ve yet to see anything worse than a cockroach.

the ladies all brought treats for our last English Class.

She is obsessed with her towel and wears it all day long when we’re at home. She hates baths, but maybe because of that the towel is a comfort item since it signals snuggles at the end.

Fuji Safari Park!

Watch your step or you’ll turn into a bunny?

Ready to get on our jungle bus to feed the animals!

feeding lions. S loved being so close to the animals, but it freaked me out a bit to have her so close to them.

I’m so glad we’re in Japan because I’ve been craving sushi this pregnancy.

Japanese playgrounds are so much more exciting than American ones!

Preparing to lead a Bible study by going back through some Csehy notes

A friend who plays viola came over and we played some duets, my on the violin part with my oboe.

Another friend and I hiked on Fuji – no summitting since I’m pregnant, but I still wanted to hike). Separate post coming!

favorite recipes// cucumber basil avocado gazpacho // polenta pancakes // slow cooker chicken taquitos // salmon broccoli divan // matcha pineapple smoothie – delicious with an avocado thrown in! // pineapple popsicles // no fuss eggplant parmesanno fuss eggplant parmesan (added some lemon juice and lemon zest) // crunchy roasted chickpeas 

best of online// 7 questions to ask an older mother // some thoughts on announcing pregnancies early // the problem with the Pinterest wedding // what kids around the world eat for breakfastwhat kids around the world eat for breakfast // Bach Prelude with animated graphic score – pretty neat and would help me with memorization, I think // good parents connect not just correct // little eyes are watching in worship // how to talk to your children about transgender issues (appreciated the comments on gender stereotyping) // an elegiac fugue for Dr Hsu // 12 signs you’re breastfeeding a newborn (this made me laugh)

reading of late// Red Rain // HypnoBirthing // finished Compelling Interest // Redeeming Childbirth // Knowledge of the Holy // Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth // Secrets of the Baby Whisperer // King’s Warrior // To End All Wars

what brings joy// cuddles from S // gentle baby kicks // hiking // rain // sushi // recording Ferling Etudes

The Munchkins// we had another ultrasound and baby #2 is still definitely a girl. 😉 She’s also still very active! S says new words every day, some of which are hilarious and make no sense (she calls bananas “golego” and kombucha “dubadub”), loves her friends, and loves to make us laugh or do things she thinks are silly.

writing// Read to Win is still going on! // A new prologue for Faith Victorious


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