Fuji Hiking

When we realized that with Ezra’s work schedule, climbing season, and the baby’s due date Ezra wasn’t going to be able to come to Fuji to hike (since the wind and rain sent us away when we tried), I found a friend to come with me. It still looked like it might rain, but since the roads up are closed to private cars during climbing season, we decided to go since it was our last chance. Thankfully, God heard our prayers for good weather and it was cool and drizzly at times but neither hot and sunny nor too rainy!

Looking down from 5th Station, the highest part you can drive to.

Altitude at 5th Station

Showing 5th station altitude and peak altitude

5th Station – mostly shops and a few restaurants, but also a place to stay the night before/after a climb and a bus stop.

Climbing season started the next day but the trail was still technically off limits, but from April-October it isn’t really closed. Still, someone told us to talk to the guy at the information center first so we did that, telling him how far we were planning on going (about 1 km to 6th Station). There were plenty of other people on the trail.

First stop: a waterfall… at least that’s what the map said.

From 5th to 6th station is a 90m elevation change total, and is mostly flat or with a slight incline, but it felt like there was more uphill than that, but maybe that’s just because both my friend and I are pregnant, and I also had S on my back, so that plus the altitude definitely made it harder, as did the trail itself, which was mostly deep gravel.

View from 6th Station, which wasn’t much more than an info desk and bathrooms.

And a sign post – it’s only 5.2 km further to the top, but takes 6 hours to summit!

The view came and went but the clouds were almost always beautiful.

Back at 5th station, browsing the shops. In case you ever wanted Mr Potato head Fuji socks.

Or toilet paper from Fuji.

We just got the stamps and I found a pottery shard at 6th station.

If we were going to be here next summer I would likely train and summit, but it was totally out of the question being pregnant, and not sure I could even have done it next summer while nursing because of the time away from baby and because of how much more altitude affects me while nursing.


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