I had to open our outside closet to get something out, but every time I’ve opened it in the past there has been some creepy-crawly right there. So with it being summer and knowing that the bugs that come out in summer are even worse… I decided I needed boots on to open the door.

S took this photo and said “toes!”

I love living so close to the water because we see how drastically it changes with the weather.

Sometimes I let the fox out of the house!

Two friends and their babies and I went to Nihon Minka-En, an open air museum type thing of houses from around Japan. We wanted to compare it to Shirakawa-Go. But it was HOT and we didn’t have fans, but a kind older man that worked there gave us some and these beautiful grass grasshoppers.

More photos from the museum coming in another post.

It was a hot day, but not too unbearable. And then our stroller broke while pushing it uphill. Thankfully I had the Ergo in the basket since it was a bit of a walk back, and the stroller was still pushable.

Kombucha slushies on a hot day!

I really wanted pizza but I also had white beans to use up, and found a yummy recipe on the Kitchn for a white bean pizza.

A Doctor Who inspired shirt I had made. “You’ve swallowed a planet!” Unfortunately the planet isn’t big enough to really work. Oh well…

Baths are still not cool but puddles are great!

Shinkansen adventure!

We took it from Tokyo to Odawara, just because we wanted to experience it. More coming in a later post!

I went to see Don Quixote near us and when I got back showed S some clips

S sneaking food…

We found a dead Japanese beetle and S loved it (she loves all bugs, which sometimes freaks me out when I hear her talking to a bug… not all bugs here are good!).

Testing out the baby’s car seat.

In Roppongi for a Studio Ghibli Exhibit… giant spider was not a part of it.

Followed by Doner Kabob, since all the ones near us closed recently.

Waiting for treats at Dominique Ansel. This is her latest stance.

33 weeks!

favorite recipes// pumpkin poblano chili // popsicles // pumpkin custard // pineapple chicken salad wraps // single serving chocolate cake // raw brownie batter (minus espresso powder) // crispy smashed potatoes // plantain waffles // harvest spiced chicken stew // spinach & white bean pizza //  1 minute chocolate raspberry cake // healthy peppermint patty smoothie (I love the idea of adding coconut flour to smoothies!)

best of online// practice technique for getting up to tempo // enjoying chapel messages from Csehy // Birth Story (Ina May) // Thoughts on Islam (James White) // children who bite nails/suck thumbs less likely to develop allergies // The worst ISIS attack in days is the one the world cares least about // Psalm 42 – Satisfied in You // creating a plot

reading of late// a lot of Homeschooled Authors books // some Douglas Bond

what brings joy// seeing the Tokyo Ballet do Don Quixote // all of S’s antics // exploring Japan

The Munchkins//
S is growing up like crazy. Saying so many new words and putting them together, climbing everything, showing early signs of potty training readiness, sleeping in a big girl bed… She loves belly buttons, baby dolls, papa, reading, golego (bananas), dubadub (kombucha), popsicles, swinging, pushing chairs and strollers (which she informed me are for the baby)… making friends everywhere we go.
Baby is still growing well and continues to be active. We have newborn diapers, car seat, and converted the crib back… so we’re good to go… but I’m more than happy to wait till late September.

Some quotes:
“If we are all going to be destroyed by [terrorists], let that [attack] when it comes find us doing sensible and human things—praying, working, teaching, reading, listening to music, bathing the children, playing tennis, chatting to our friends over a pint and a game of darts—not huddled together like frightened sheep and thinking about [terrorists]. They may break our bodies (a microbe can do that) but they need not dominate our minds.” (On Living in an Atomic Age, 1948, C. S. Lewis)

“God has appointed some to eternal life but not others… [Augustine knew that] God’s foresight is the same as his memory and understanding… he does not observe things by thinking of them one by one, but embraces everything that he knows in one eternal, unchangeable, and inexpressible vision…’ In Bray’s summary, this makes the issue of ‘foreknowledge irrelevant, since it is only compatible with a time-and-space framework, which does not apply to God. [Predestination is] an eternal phenomenon – as valid in the past as it is in the future, since both are comprehended in the overarching and eternal present.” (WORLD Mag)


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