Japan: Tokyo #3

We heard about a Studio Ghibli Expo going on in the summer in Tokyo and went to check it out with some friends, as likely our last Tokyo trip, at least before the baby is born. We hope to go to the Studio Ghibli Museum before we leave, but that’s not downtown Tokyo.

Riding the train into Tokyo (that’s sweat from being in the carrier, not a diaper leak!)

The exhibit was enjoyable, but there wasn’t a lot in English. It was mostly posters and various other memorabilia, but Miyazaki’s desk was there, and the Cat Bus, and air ship from Castle in the Sky.

And it had a great view of Tokyo from Roppongi Hills.

They had a themed cafe, but it was expensive and didn’t have much to choose from, and we had walked past a doner kabob place, so that’s where we got lunch.

And then to somewhere between Harajuku and Shibuya for Dominique Ansel treats, with a stop at a thrift store to get Yukata on the way.

We skipped the corn…

And they were out of Cronuts…

But they were NOT Japanese-sized portions…

(their only-in-Japan pastries)

It wasn’t really hard to decide, though… the frozen s’more was an obvious choice.

Especially after they scorch it.

Ezra’s ice cream

Cookie shots


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