20 Years Ago

I think my 3rd birthday was my most important birthday. And I love this photo because it’s really the only photo we have that comes close to showing why: the little cut by my left eye. I got it the day before, a scrape from the road when I got hit by a car the day before.
I only have very vague, dream-like memories – the car was white, the screaming woman that got out had frizzy reddish hair. But I remember every year, and every year am grateful for every year of life I have been given since then, and every day I get to spend with Ezra and S, and all the people I love all around the world.


One thought on “20 Years Ago

  1. Cait says:

    Because I was there, and have grown up with the same distant (but very clear) memory, I never thought about it a whole lot. But the older I get the more I think about it and praise God for the gift of preserving you. He is merciful. I’m so thankful you’re my sister and friend, and 23 years old.


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