photo 1 August 1_zpsqsefvcow.jpg
S eats the crust and leaves the bread.

 photo 2 August - Dads visit 2_zpswslwpnao.jpg
My dad was able to come through for about 24 hours

 photo 3 August - pigtails and dads visit 11_zps56wdqxa1.jpg
I wanted to take him to the curry/noodle/tempura place we like, but it was packed when we got there so we found another place that was also delicious!

 photo 7 August 4_zpseocjj9sq.jpg
gathering sticks, rocks, and leaves

 photo 11 August - olympics 1_zpse9h22lw6.jpg
yummy tea that was an early birthday present from Ezra’s family

 photo 11 August - olympics 4_zpsrzyf7pxn.jpg
“We can watch gymnastics… she’ll enjoy it but I don’t think she’ll pick up on it.”

 photo 11 August - olympics 7_zpskdfokosr.jpg
I really really wanted chicken noodle soup, even though it was super hot outside.

 photo 12 August 7_zpstrhmbiw9.jpg
She walks so well now; we don’t always need to take the stroller.

 photo 12 August 11_zpsaghksaiu.jpg
Cicadas are everywhere, and they are HUGE.

 photo 12 August 10_zpsfbtu9d7f.jpg
S loves playing with the exoskeletons.

 photo 14 August 2_zpstfn9jjw8.jpg
My yukata!

 photo 18 August - Mabori Bible Church event 11_zpsqgmjized.jpg
We went to an event at the church near us and had an enjoyable evening of curry and sparklers.

 photo 20 August - typhoon prep 4_zpsxtaswloi.jpg
This was a piece of leftover cheesecake from when we celebrated my birthday early. I was saving it in the freezer for my actual birthday… but the stress of typhoon season meant I ate it a week early.

 photo 21 August - pre typhoon 9_zpslngblxeh.jpg
Watermelon here is SO good, and we made a big salad with grilled chicken, watermelon, feta, and a lime balsamic reduction.

 photo 22 August - typhoon 1_zps6msdxolt.jpg
Tea party to keep us busy during the typhoon

 photo 29 August 1_zpstknhlpep.jpg
New reeds!

 photo 31 August - birthday breakfast 4_zpskc6znksw.jpg
Ezra took the morning of my birthday off of work and made me breakfast!

favorite recipes// pumpkin cheesecake banana bread (used 1/2 amounts of honey instead of sugar) // mint chocolate milkshakes (I added spinach, and once everything was nicely blended, I threw in some chocolate chips and pulsed it a few times so it was more like mint chip ice cream)

best of online// Story of Iran’s Church in Two Sentences // Wasted on Children and one that goes along with it, that we first got from my parents – Saturation Love // I’ve been trying to buy less new stuff/shop more locally/support smaller businesses in general lately, and this just made me want to do that even more (found after it seemed like I had received a counterfeit diaper cover. Thankfully it wasn’t, just a very new version of the print) // Why Christians Should Participate in the Arts // Parenting in the Age of Binge-Watching // Managing your wardrobe pregnancy, postpartum, and all the sizes in between // Should children sit through big church? // Moment at Dawn – live in concert // the history of classical music in cat GIFs // in case you ever wondered what John Denver in Japanese is like // You Could Have Been Something // some thoughts on forgiveness // how a nursing instructor discusses abortion // When you want to do great things for God //
***Birth beyond all odds in war-torn Syria

reading of late// Write, Sell, Repeat // In the Womb (photo essay book)// Grace Works! (Bond) / The Peacemaker (Sande) // Illusion (Peretti)

thinking about// What are the needs in my community and how can I meet them? How can I show love to those around me?

what brings joy// S snuggling and rubbing my belly // time to read // playing piano // S’s language developing

The Munchkins// I can’t believe we’re about to have two on the outside! S is talking more and more and putting words together a lot. She loves bugs, balloons, and reading. She got really upset when I held a friend’s newborn this month, so it may be an interesting adjustment!

writing//After taking some time just to read and think about writing, I’m starting to work on Javi’s Cafe again // a good and helpful talk on writing // learning a lot from K.M. Weiland’s blog 

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