Bump 2.0: Third Trimester

 photo 18 July 3_zpsf71mrizr.jpg

 photo 31 July - 33 weeks 2_zpsufr3emqy.jpg
33 weeks

 photo 4 August - stroller 2_zpsz6tcrduw.jpg
This was the day I went to buy our double stroller. And it really isn’t the most flattering shirt while pregnant but I was feeling pretty pregnant and still got the “I didn’t even notice you were pregnant.”

 photo 23 August 2_zps5nyuszy1.jpg
36/37 weeks!

 photo 25 August - Ezra maternity photos 1_zpsaqoix1cj.jpg

 photo 32 weeks_zpsct2z7t0e.jpg
33 week comparison

 photo page_zpsfnafxbng.jpg
37 week comparison

I don’t really have much to say about the third trimester this time… I’m still pretty comfortable and happy for baby to stay in for a few more weeks. I have been a bit jumpy because I really want her to wait until Hannah gets here, so I really don’t want to go into labor so sometimes freak out at little things that mean nothing (I think my water breaks probably about 3 times a day). It’s hard to believe this pregnancy is almost over… and may be over by the time this publishes, I don’t know! 🙂

I have had no extra energy to exercise, but am trying to make sure we take the long way when going to the park, etc. so I still get some activity in. I’m up and down a lot with S anyway!


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