Food in Japan, 4

{we ordered food from a machine, got a ticket, and then took the ticket inside to get our food! I documented the whole process but not sure if it has the name/place on it so left that out}

curry ice cream

melon ice cream on cornflakes.

learning to cook Japanese food at home with cookbooks from Ezra. Fresh cucumbers from a Japanese friend’s garden also help! 🙂

Caprese sushi… basil sauce and mozzarella on salmon.

My favorites… eel and grilled salmon with basil sauce (also good with mayonnaise and spices)

peaches from the grocery store.It’s nice to know exactly how much you’re purchasing but the amount of packaging here drives me crazy.

You can get volcano curry on Mt Fuji.

The peaches were ok, but these nectarines were amazing!

Ekiben (special bento for Shinkansen)

These were amazing.

We popped into the Dominique Ansel bakery in Tokyo and were not disappointed!

 photo 3 August - pigtails and dads visit 11_zps56wdqxa1.jpg
Out to eat when my dad was visiting. Delicious vegetable tempura, eel tempura, soba, and udon curry.

 photo 15 August 3_zpsrgjzffcu.jpg
Lotus root chips. So yummy!


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