Postpartum Freezer Meals

This list is mostly for our records so that I know next time what I did this time, but this is what I stocked our freezer with preparing for baby #2! I wanted to make sure we had a good mix of breakfast and snack stuff and meals, as well as some frozen veggies to use as sides and grated cheese to make other meals easier. And I wanted it all to be fairly healthy and some of it paleo or at least gluten and dairy free in case this baby has food issues like S did!
We also had some canned beans, salmon, and corn, and some dry goods like oatmeal, buckwheat, etc. on hand.
I prefer to do freezer meals by doubling a recipe/week for the last few months of pregnancy instead of doing a bunch all at once. We eat half the recipe and freeze the other half.

Slowcooker sausage spinach tomato soup (minus the pasta. Gluten and dairy free)
harvest spiced chicken stew (paleo)
Beef enchiladas (Ezra’s family’s recipe)
Japanese curry (minus potatoes)
lamb stew with dried plums (paleo)
2 9×13 egg bakes
2 recipes of soaked baked oatmeal (used steel cut oats)
Hawaiian Chicken (paleo)
Maple Dijon Chicken (paleo)
BBQ Chicken (paleo)
Ginger peach chicken (used honey and coconut aminos, so paleo)
chicken wild rice stew
spicy tuna cakes (doubled, paleo)
spinach & leek soup (paleo)
pumpkin poblano chili (one recipe with 1/2 amount meat + kidney beans, another as written. Just used chili powder though)

paleo muffins (double batch, paleo)
spinach quinoa muffins (double batch, without sweetener)
chocolate muffins (double batch. I don’t like these very much, though!)
pumpkin peanut butter bars (as balls, double batch)
groaning cake (1.5 batches)
coconut bars (paleo, double batch)
Red raspberry leaf tea concentrate ice cubes
Coconut oil chocolate

The hardest part was not eating it all before the baby was born!


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