Obviously the big thing in September was Ellie’s birth – and the rest of the month was spent pretty much waiting/preparing for her and then recovering and adjusting. Hannah came to visit from Dubai, Ezra surprised us by being able to come home sooner than expected, and then my mom and Candace came at the end of the month.

 photo 20160902_164900_zpsdtgn9tqj.jpg
S likes to go cicada-hunting
 photo 20160902_165053_zps601zf6yb.jpg
They’re so irritating but have such beautiful wings

 photo 20160902_212431_zpszghvja3p.jpg
bedtime snack of dates, milk, and roca thins

 photo 20160905_104322_zpsfkl2tjwf.jpg

 photo 6 September - maternity photos by Hannah 7_zps2kf9w9bc.jpg
Hannah came to visit from Dubai and took some more maternity photos for us while we were waiting for Ellie to be born

 photo 20160907_130937_zpsdrgfasy2.jpg
Exploring Enoshima Island
 photo 20160907_121128_zpsssurhtkv.jpg

 photo 20160907_102213_zpsit9pbpth.jpg
Being a cute blonde kid in Japan means sometimes elderly gentlemen give you chocolate milk from the vending machine and ask for high fives.

 photo 20160908_213424_zpsbpdkz7mb.jpg
5 days away from due date A!

 photo 20160908_195802_zpscklagdnw.jpg
We played games most evenings while we were waiting on baby

 photo 20160909_213536_zpsvd0yhjzp.jpg
And tried all sorts of old wives’ tales to get baby out… but I was also majorly craving pineapple.

 photo 20160912_095148_zpshzyfa8ju.jpg
At a park near us for a long walk
 photo 20160912_104530_zpskrnwvjad.jpg
And a few trips down the roller slide

 photo 20160912_183411_zpsvi70ajw7.jpg
How the cool kids eat their beans

 photo 20160914_082433_zpsqkbies4b.jpg
We made her a baby carrier for her dolls

 photo 20160917_020357_zpseurl8gj9.jpg
In labor. 😉

 photo 18 September - in the hospital 9_zps9wj4dsqm.jpg
Sister love. S certainly does get jealous sometimes but mostly just adores her baby sister.

 photo 21 September - Ellie newborn photos 49_zpsq8ftb4d0.jpg

 photo 20160923_193607_zpslv7elnsb.jpg

favorite recipes// the cashew cream didn’t turn out but the crust of this dessert pizza was delicious // lamb and 2 squash skillet // tomato zucchini corn galette

best of online//  ISIS is killing us because we are not Muslim // What I Want My Kids to Know on September 11 // childbirth through the decades // musicians’ hierarchy of needs // courting and dating are both flawed // 4 things we need to say when marriage is hard // prolife but not a stereotype // postpartum healthcare: a tale of two births (totally agree with this. We have been blessed with good support in the community and even medically with both births, but both times we have been to the doctor too many times in the early days and that should change) // some thoughts on helping others // this video on Bach is very cool // classical music mashup // why you should stop using homemade laundry detergent (oops) // infant passport photo tutorial // using a ringsling with a newborn // why you feel busy all the time // state of theology in the US

reading of late// Little Dorrit (Dickens) // The Legacy of Sovereign Joy (Piper) // Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands (Tripp) //

thinking about// lots of prayer and learning to trust God this month especially before Hannah and Ezra were both in town! // some thoughts from Valley of Vision: “My sin is to fear what never will be.” “Death destroys me, but my great High Priest stands in its waters/ And will open me a passage and beyond it is a better country” // 1 John and loving the brethren – physical needs (meals), monetary needs (giving), spiritual needs (daily personal ministry – Tripp’s book Instruments in the Redeemers Hands) // Daniel – the importance of giving God honor and glory and thanks, and His control in the rise and fall of nations

what brings joy// the biggest thing this month that brought so much joy is Ellie and all the answered prayers surrounding her and her birth!

The Munchkins// Ellie has gained almost a pound since birth (2 weeks ago), nurses beautifully, and sleeps as well as you can expect a newborn to! We are thankful.
S continues to talk more and it’s so much fun to watch her love on Ellie and interact with visitors. She LOVED having Hannah (Ha) stay with us and also loves having Candace and my mom here. She is so social!

writing// I started work on Javi’s Cafe but didn’t get very far before Ellie was born


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