photo 6 November - Clara twin 3_zpsoej661sk.jpg
I took the photos off her photo string and had left them on the floor. She found them while falling asleep for her nap and fell asleep on them.

 photo 9 November 4_zpsx4lbyenk.jpg
playing around while the movers were here

 photo 9 November 10_zpsabxpxswy.jpg
S was dressing Ellie up while she nursed

 photo 9 November 9_zpstbez0nnn.jpg
And dressing herself up

 photo 11 November - Soraya 2nd Birthday Party 1_zpsr4vsjvze.jpg
cupcakes for S’s birthday! She was thrilled with her cupcakes, crackers, balloons, boxes to color on and play in, and her favorite friends at her ‘happy be party.’

 photo 12 November - New Sanno and Studio Ghibli 8_zpstxcoxjph.jpg
Ellie’s first time on the train, going to the Studio Ghibli Museum (coming in another post!)

 photo 12 November - New Sanno and Studio Ghibli 18_zps3h02qglh.jpg

 photo 14 November - shopping in town 2_zpsjj3fdqcn.jpg
The first time I’d seen carts like this here

 photo 14 November - shopping in town 1_zpswucfgjyz.jpg
Taking a shopping break to watch the puppies

 photo 17 November - hail and farewell Juliette 1_zpstggpfvbs.jpg
She asked to eat breakfast outside

 photo 16 November 1_zpswm6lml8b.jpg
Got to play 3 times this month! 🙂

 photo 17 November - E 2 months S 2 years 10_zpsltkuo7cl.jpg
2 year photo shoot… she’s not very cooperative anymore though!

 photo 17 November - hail and farewell Juliette 5_zpspufeff95.jpg
Went to the 100 yen store. Spent 7,000 yen. Got lots of looks from everyone because of how much I was buying…. but it was our last trip.

 photo 24 November - snow Benfold Lighthouse THanksgiving 4_zps13yk6yub.jpg
S’s thankful tree

 photo 25 November -Ueno Zoo 2_zpsuyb570ic.jpg
My favorite Engrish.

 photo 25 November -Ueno Zoo 1_zpss9nylquj.jpg
YUMMY pizza.

 photo 25 November -Ueno Zoo 3_zps2inyccqz.jpg

 photo 24 November - snow Benfold Lighthouse THanksgiving 3_zpsltfreop3.jpg
Snow on Thanksgiving.

 photo 25 November -Ueno Zoo 5_zps0eecij7q.jpg
And a beautiful day the next day, which we were thankful for since we were going into Tokyo.

 photo 25 November -Ueno Zoo 18_zpsczw8hxru.jpg
S was an attraction at Ueno Zoo.

 photo 26 November - Ueno Park and Science Musuem 9_zps3rrvc6xr.jpg

 photo 26 November - Ueno Park and Science Musuem 33_zpszap3axwd.jpg
enjoying onigiri in Ueno Park.

 photo 26 November - Ueno Park and Science Musuem 49_zpsunkbhob5.jpg
We turned in our train cards, which made leaving Japan feel a lot more real.

 photo 28 November - Mikasa Park with Katie 1_zps5npinzas.jpg
She refused to wear her coat but wanted her mittens.

 photo 29 November 2_zps7tdsmmar.jpg
our chopsticks. We took a long time to buy any because we wanted to look around and pick our favorites.

 photo 29 November 3_zpsz6mmlval.jpg
miso soup at home

>>>Updated my post about what we will and won’t miss about Japan<<<

favorite recipes// pumpkin breakfast cookies // butternut apple salad // honey sweetened frosting // daikon apple slaw // pumpkin corn chowder // thai peanut chicken (minus cornstarch) // apple bacon blue cheese pizza // bbq sauce (would use half molasses half syrup next time, and a tad less spice) // pumpkin scones // slow cooker Mexican lasagna //
It’s been nice to be in the kitchen again, and thankfully cooking again has gone rather smoothly, though some days it feels like I’m cooking all day since I start prepping early on in case Ellie doesn’t nap in the late afternoon (she hates that nap).

best of online//  finished Ellie’s Christmas stocking // doing this for Advent // this too // exercises you can do holding baby // vitamin N //

reading of late// War and Peace, for midnight feedings

thinking about// what’s “best” for baby methods is what works for you // Christ as intercessor

what brings joy// actually going Christmas shopping (not just online)// baby giggles // oboe, especially with Charlotte // S’s love for Ellie // Japanese food

The Munchkins//
S gets her own birthday post coming soon!
Ellie. 2 months || 10 lbs 11 oz || sucks her fist and her lip || amazing us with how well she naps, but still a night owl || happy as can be || loves Sophie the Giraffe, and as of the end of November (2.5 months) is giggling

writing// ha.


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