She’s 2!

S is 2!

Weight: 26.2 pounds
Height: 33 inches
Teeth: all but 2 year molars
Eating patterns: 3 meals and 2 snacks, nurses in the morning and at nap time.
Favorite foods: oatmeal, eggs, sweet potatoes, squash, bread, dessert, soup, roasted carrots, lima beans.
Sleeping patterns: 7/7:30 AM wake up, 12:30-2:30 nap, 7:30 bedtime. Sleeps with Eden Bunny and her silky.
Favorite songs: ABC’s (nomahny for “now I know my”), Twinkle Twinkle (“how wa wee” for how I wonder), theme song from Totoro, Johnny Cash “I talk to Jesus every day,” and “God Made Me” by Judy Rogers.
Favorite Toys: dolls, cars, balls
Favorite things to do: color, climb, swing, read, play with Ellie, play with stickers.
Favorite Books: Ten Tiny Toes, Are You a Cow?, Goodnight Moon (Hush), Corduroy, photo books, Curious George, Teach Your Child to Swim, and any books with singing in them.
Important events: became a big sister, traveled to Dubai and Palau
Comfort items: sucking thumb and feeling belly button

We celebrated her birthday with a birthday party, since we couldn’t last year and I wanted to do something to try to get all or at least some of her friends all together before we moved, since she loves them so much (and made 3 more in the weeks since her party that she talks about a lot!).
 photo 11 November - Soraya 2nd Birthday Party 1_zpsr4vsjvze.jpg
Chocolate peanut butter flourless muffins (that are so rich I decided they could be cupcakes) with chocolate frosting, recipes below.

 photo 11 November - Soraya 2nd Birthday Party 2_zpsu20rhhre.jpg
We had crackers, cheese, veggies, popcorn, and jello.
When I was planning I had two things in mind: ease and what S liked. She loves balloons, coloring, and playing in boxes, so that’s what we had to do, and I made a playlist of some of her favorite music to play in the background and the kids had fun doing all that, eating, dancing, and chasing each other around.

 photo 11 November - Soraya 2nd Birthday Party 6_zps9vpgy3cz.jpg
She was thrilled with cupcakes, unlimited crackers, balloons, boxes to color on and play in, and her friends at her ‘happy be party.’
I had gone to set up while she was napping, and when Ezra brought her in the room, the look on her face was priceless. We had been telling her about her birthday party but didn’t think she understood much, but I think she knew, and was even more excited once friends started coming. I think that was the best part to her, her friends.

 photo 17 November - E 2 months S 2 years 10_zpsltkuo7cl.jpg
She was not very cooperative when I was taking her 2-year photos.

Birthday party links:
Chocolate Peanut butter cupcakes (muffins, but they’re so rich! This recipe makes 6 regular-size muffins)
honey-sweetened frosting (+6-7 Tbsp cocoa)
Finger jello

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