Japan: What we didn’t do + resources

I still have a few more posts coming about our excursions and exploring in Japan, but with only a small amount of time left it’s pretty safe to say this stuff won’t get done – but if we had another year here we would have done it!

Quick Travel Guide
Ninja House
Golden Pavilion
Ninja Museum (their website).

Peace park

We had planned to do Kyoto and Hiroshima with this package.

Top 10 Must See Places in Nikko

Closer to Tokyo
Yunessan (mostly from curiosity, and I would have liked to have gone to Hakone)
Ofuna POW Camp (this is where Louie Zamperini was held). We never did it because there’s not much to see and it’s not that easy to access. More info, and the actual location.

6 Places to Escape the Elements (we wanted to try Kid-o-kid but never made it).
Tokyo has tons of crazy restaurants and themed cafes. We usually stuck with Japanese food, though.

Resource for travel in Japan
– Google Translate App
– Hyperdia App (or website, for trains)
– If you’re coming from outside Japan and not living her, get the Japan Rail Pass if you plan on taking the train a lot, especially the Shinkansen.
stuff to do in Japan for Free
Japan on a budget
booking a ryokan (not budget friendly but well worth the cost!)
Japan guide
Tokyo Urban baby
Japanican (we actually booked our ryokan through Japanican)
– Some more links for booking Shinkansen and tours: one, two, three
– we used TripAdvisor a lot, mostly because they’re linked with GoogleMaps so we could find a place to go or eat on TripAdvisor and then get directions to make sure we ended up at the right place.

(This ends my scheduled posts, so I’m not sure when I’ll be posting again. We’ve been with family for the holidays and then will head to our new area to look for a house, but I have some half-written posts, including at least one more on Japan, and by then will probably have some other thoughts to share as well).


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