2016 Recap

I’m writing this from a hotel room floor while the littles nap. We’ve been in our new city in the PNW for a few days now and have applied for a house but not heard back yet – but we could be moved in by Tuesday! A somewhat stressful but also somewhat relaxing start to 2017. 😉

January – anniversary trip to a ryokan in Yugawara, found out I was pregnant with Ellie, English class started
February – Sarah Y visited, trip to Hokkaido
March – S and I traveled to Dubai!
April – returned from Dubai, it’s a GIRL! 🙂
May – traveling in Japan: Fuji, Takayama, Matsumoto/alps
June – lots of exploring closer to Tokyo in Japan
July – more of the same!
August – trying to stay cool and keep baby in, my dad came for a few days
September – Hannah’s visit, Ezra home early, Ellie’s birth
October – my mom and Candace’s visit, started helping at English Class again
November – our main shipment left, starting to wind down in Japan
December – moving from Japan, recovering from jet lag at my grandparents’, Christmas & New Years’ with Ezra’s family.

Lots of great memories, but it was also a really hard year I don’t want to repeat… and most likely we’ll never have a year where Ezra is traveling so much, we move internationally, and have a baby.

My to-do list from the beginning of the year:
Finish Jerusalem (finished cooking through it in April)
IBCD Level 2 (done, along with the reading and papers for level 3)
Love Victorious (worked on a lot, then scrapped)
finish reading through Bible (finished in November!)
Thankfulness: especially with savoring food
Reed making & Ferling Etudes (got halfway+ through Ferling etudes and worked on a few reeds)
Japanese (learned some, stopped studying it in May though)
Gingerbug (kept up a gingerbug for about a month. SO tasty but SO much work)
photo book 2015 (yep)
Rotate S toys (not as good at that as I had hoped)
HAVE A BABY! (unavoidable. ;))
Challies Reading Challenge (list of books I read below)

Led a Bible study in our summer session, hosted a Ramadan Prayer Night, and facilitated some family Bible studies with Ezra.

What’s 2017 look like?
Trying to keep it stress-free and simple as much as possible. I have a list of books I want to read, but it’s short with lots of ideas for if I finish the short list.
But, I’d love to learn to digitize my handlettering, make sourdough, and finish IBCD level 3. I plan on reading through the Psalms alongside a book called “God’s Prayer Book,” memorizing some hymns, and hopefully working through a few more Ferling Etudes and playing around with hymns on the piano (my goal is to turn the time after the kids are in bed from Facebook to music when possible). The only writing I have planned is blogging. I plan on keeping up with my monthly updates, but aside from that we’ll see what comes when I finish my drafts. 🙂

Books I read in 2016 – I started with 13 spread across Tim Challies’ reading challenge list, and found it growing and growing. I made much more of a point to read when I had a list, even though it sometimes made me worried since if I make a list I want to finish it. But I surprised myself with how much I read. The Kindle app on my phone helped a lot since I could read at the playground or while waiting for something for 5 minutes, etc. Books in bold are the really good ones (some others were really good but not what I expected).
1. Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood (a book about Christian Living, Fall Bible Study)
2. The Legacy of Sovereign Joy (Piper, a biography, read with Ezra, finished in September)
3. The Gospel Primer (Vincent, a book with the word “gospel” in the title or subtitle, March)

4. Spurgeon Quotes (a book your pastor recommends, April/May)
5. Practicing the Presence of God (Lawrence, a book more than 100 years old, Sept/Oct)
6. Jesus Storybook Bible (a book for children, summer)
7. Gift from the Storm (a mystery or detective novel, July, read for Homeschooled Authors)
8. Shadowfields (Pursselley, a book published in 2016, February)
9. Openness Unhindered (Butterfield, a book about a current issue, January)
10. Twelve Ordinary Men (MacArthur, a book recommended by a family member)
11. Illusion (Dekker, a book with a least 400 pages, August)
12. A Hobbit, a Wardrobe, and a Great War (Laconte, A book *about* C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien, April)
13. The Peacemaker (Sande, a book with the fruit of the spirit in the title, August)
14. Desperate (Clarkson, a book with a great cover, December)
15. As You Wish
(Elwes, a book on the current NY Times list of bestsellers, with Ezra, finished in April)
16. A Knight on the Old North Shore (Pursselley, a book of poetry, July)
17. Forged Steel (Titus, a book by an author with initials in their name, July, for Homeschooled Authors)
18. Princes Bride (Goldman, a humorous book, finished in January with Ezra)
19. Red Rain
20. Rose of Prophecy (books with 100 pages or less, June & July)
21. HypnoBirthing (book with a one word title, June)
22. Hammer of the Huguenots (Bond, a novel set in a country no your own, July)
23. Resounding Truth (Begbie, a book about music, May)
24. Redeeming Childbirth (a book by a female author, May)
25. Habits (Charlotte Mason summaries, a self-improvement book, December)
26. Prepare (a book you own but have never read, December)
27. Compelling Interest (a book about abortion, finished listening to June 1)
28. Heart of Arcrea (book by first-time author, July, for Homeschooled Authors)
29. Trim Healthy Mama (a book about food, March)
30. Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands (Tripp, a book abou relationships, September)
31. Shepherding a Child’s Heart

32. Secrets of the Baby Whisperer (a book about parenting, January and April)
33. Charlotte Mason booklet (a book about philosophy, December)
34. Art & the Bible (Schaeffer, a book about art, May)
35. Adela’s Curse
36. King’s Warrior (books with magic, July, for Homeschooled Authors)
37. Let Me Be a Woman (Elliot, a book about marriage, fall)
38. Me, teach Piano? (Tero, a book about a hobby, July, for Homeschooled Authors)
39. To End All Wars (a book about the second World War, June)
40. Glimpses of Grace (Furman, a book by a pastor’s wife, December)
41. A Grief Observed (Lewis, a book about suffering, March)
42. Prolife Answers (Alcorn, a book you have read before, June)
43. Compassion Without Compromise (a book about homosexuality, January)
44. The Thunder (Bond, a Christian novel, October)
45. And God Saw That it was Good (Ham, a book about the natural world, February)
46. Little Dorrit (a book by Dickens, September)
47. Water Princess, Fire Prince (a novel longer than 400 pages, August, for Homeschooled Authors)
48. Guide to Childbirth (Ina May, a book by a woman conference speaker, June)
49. The Book on Leadership (MacArthur, a book about leadership, February)
50. How Shall We Then Live? (a book by F. Schaeffer, January)
51. Grace Works! (Bond, a book by a presbyterian, August)
52. Write. Sell. Repeat (a book about wrting, August)
53. Follow Me (Platt, a book about evangelism, January)
54. In the Womb (a photo essay book, August)
55. Knowledge of the Holy (Tozer, a book written in the 20th century, May/June)
56. A Charlotte Mason Companion (December)
57. For the Children’s Sake (Macaulay, December)
58. War & Peace (Tolstoy, a classic novel, fall)

A Grief Sanctified (a memoir, with Ezra, unfinished)
Valley of Vision (a book about prayer, unfinished)


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