Food in Japan, 5

 photo 20160907_120508_zpsnk6m4jfc.jpg

 photo 20160907_120021_zps2mznupmn.jpg
Making the octopus crackers
 photo 20160907_120147_zpsdmw0u25p.jpg

 photo 20160907_115717_zpssvfyjxne.jpg
In line for them!

 photo 12 November - New Sanno and Studio Ghibli 12_zpsnwsqxkqz.jpg
The best okonomiyaki – we went out of the train station while transferring to the subway in Tokyo and walked down the street looking for a place and found this one.

 photo 15 November 2_zpswxbrzhhc.jpg
Finally found more kitkat flavors than just green tea. I wouldn’t have known it was sake if it wasn’t for the label. It tasted fruity like sake, but not alcoholic.

 photo 19 November - Christmas Shopping and Ellie 2 months 6_zpsfqtyrqou.jpg
MosBurger, Japan’s fast food chain like McDonalds. Better quality for sure.

 photo 19 November - Christmas Shopping and Ellie 2 months 7_zpsofwf7j1s.jpg
Yakitori stand

 photo 19 November - Christmas Shopping and Ellie 2 months 8_zps1pudm7f0.jpg
bean paste filled pancake-type stuff.

 photo 26 November - Ueno Park and Science Musuem 1_zpse332pj5p.jpg
Convenience store breakfast

 photo 25 November -Ueno Zoo 25_zps55o3qevc.jpg

 photo 29 November 1_zpsglgxjry7.jpg
trying natto again, with leeks, since that’s how my Japanese friends said they like it. Still not a fan.

 photo 5 December - Sushiro 7_zpscihzhn3u.jpg
one last time at our favorite sushi place

 photo 6 December - Kohitsuji 3_zpsvk7yyipk.jpg
food from the playgroup Christmas party. I feel bad for Ezra that he never really got to experience what I got through playgroup and English Class – homemade Japanese food!

 photo 7 December - Renee and Evelyn 4_zpsoed8hmrb.jpg
had to stop at the bakery again… we were hoping for curry bread but there was none. And then on our walk home we got some dried persimmons that were SO tasty.

 photo 8 December - lasst English Class Hail and Farewell 2_zpsqj2qpthy.jpg
pastries at last English Class – two days before we moved and probably the saddest part of leaving.

 photo 28 December - Rosemary and Soraya 3_zpszjszcgzp.jpg
we brought back a box of goodies for both sides of the family, and these are just some.


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