photo 6 January - hotel and bowling 8_zpswxuhs6cv.jpg
what else do you do when it’s too cold to do anything outside but you’re tired of the hotel? Go bowling! S absolutely loves it.
We arrived in our new city, went househunting two days later, applied for a place that night, and then waited all weekend to hear back, and signed the lease on Wednesday. We have an actual HOUSE which I am loving so much more than I thought I would – I loved apartment life so much that even though there were always twinges of wishing we had a house with a yard I didn’t think I would be so excited once we finally had a house instead.

We signed the lease on our anniversary (I had jokingly told Ezra once that we would move in our anniversary… not too far off!), marking 3 years, 2 kids, 2 international moves, and our 4th place of residence. God brought us through and Ezra is more loving, sacrificial, and supportive than I ever thought possible. Here’s to the next way more than 3 years… but hopefully they’re a little calmer than the first 3.

 photo 14 January 1_zpsph60i5mh.jpg
And continuing on with our never-ending saga of craziness, S came down with the chickenpox right after we moved in.

 photo 19 January - moving day 3_zpsz1hcbsh1.jpg
The pantry!!! We had a great pantry in Japan but it was very narrow and deep so stuff was always getting buried.

 photo 20 January 3_zps1tzg6rtd.jpg
First fully homecooked meal in our new place, fish tacos. And yes, the counter is orange. Otherwise it’s an almost-perfect kitchen.

 photo 23 January - making biscuits 3_zpstcluyycp.jpg
S’s embellishments on biscuits. She loves to help with anything these days, but especially with cooking and setting the table.

 photo 26 January 15_zpsninrvtub.jpg
Spending time outside – we try to walk most days but if that doesn’t happen and the weather is nice I put Ellie’s seat on the back patio and S and I play outside.

 photo 26 January 20_zpskjupueyd.jpg
I frequently remind S that stickers go on “fabric, people, or paper mommy has given you,” and then turn around to find this.

 photo 27 January 1_zpsic891to6.jpg
Her toes ❤

 photo 28 January 1_zpskbavw6zf.jpg
I got Ezra this tea for Christmas after trying it in Dubai last spring. I don’t usually have caffeine but sometimes I can’t resist it.

 photo 28 January 2_zpsdkg1c6mc.jpg
Friends gave this sticker set to S for her birthday and we started using it to entertain her while we unpacked. At first she couldn’t get the stickers off herself so we had to help her and the faces were pretty normal, but once she could get them off herself they got more interesting.

 photo IMG_20170130_112852_zpshsnzfu2j.jpg
After reading this post I decided I should see if our stuff needed stripping after being washed in homemade detergent. Well, it did. I didn’t do our clothes, just sheets and towels, since they had seemed dingy for a while.

 photo 30 January 2_zpsgkqag6tg.jpg
how she puts on her boots

 photo 30 January 7_zps8hq3nkbg.jpg
Can’t wait to see these blossom in our yard!

 photo 31 January 2_zps0gawcsqq.jpg
We lost internet almost immediately after it was installed and it took forever to get it back thanks to people telling us all sorts of wrong things on the help line. But the bright side of that was more time to read and handletter and we unpacked and decorated really quickly!

favorite recipes// I was so thankful for our previous experience cooking in hotels since it would have been really tough to figure it out with a toddler and infant. None of these recipes are from that time, though // never posted this honey roasted squash recipe from December // curried red lentil and pumpkin soup // slowcooker rotisserie chicken //

best of online// some 25 days of Christmas posts I really enjoyed here and here // adults performing the Nativity Story as told by kids // from researching our trip into Portland // how God uses suffering (MacArthur) // the curse on women (MacArthur) // human rights for all //

reading of late// Dispatches from the Front (Tim Keese) // Raoul Wallenburg: The Man Who Stopped Death // Spiritual Lives of the Great Composers (Kavanaugh) // skimmed a number of books as we sorted through ours moving in

thinking about// Psalm 1, being rooted in Him.

what brings joy//a house // S’s love of the yard // quiet days without internet


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