photo 3 February 9_zps0dsnyph1.jpg
All moved in! It was so quick which I am thankful for! My plan had been to have the changing mat on the trunk again but Someone keeps moving it off so off it stays because I don’t feel like fighting that battle!

 photo 6 February - Snow 6_zpsizu1mxvs.jpg
Apparently it doesn’t often snow here, except for all 3 times so far in the time we’ve been here…

 photo 7 February 1_zpsix507lmh.jpg
One of my favorite books from childhood, The Clown of God, has become one of S’s favorite. She calls it “Many years ago.”

 photo 9 February 5_zps1rf0pj9w.jpg
I didn’t realize how much I missed cooking until I had a full kitchen again!
 photo 9 February 6_zpsgfhklhem.jpg
These, however, were made by Ezra – I came home from Bible study to find both girls in bed and him making something for breakfast.

 photo 10 February 2_zpsmaxbgump.jpg
Finding some good library books, like this one about Charles Ives.

 photo 10 February 5_zpsj1fenxzp.jpg
Ezra finished the shell wind chime we had wanted to make after our honeymoon – after seeing them being sold at tourist traps in La Paz. We picked up our own shells to make it ourselves.

 photo 13 February - storytime 4_zpsl0nxb3fu.jpg
S sets the table most days.

 photo 14 February - Valentines Day 6_zpswecvkbop.jpg
Valentine’s Day dinner, with flowers from Ezra for both S and I.

 photo 16 February 6_zpswcpxixep.jpg
We were talking about Greek food beyond Gyros and Ezra had never had any other Greek food, so I made Moussaka!

 photo 16 February 7_zpspbsrc3hz.jpg
And salmon was on sale. YUM YUM.

 photo 18 February - reupholstering chair 1_zpstec3uwpq.jpg
This chair was damaged right before our move so I decided to try reupholstering it!

 photo 18 February - reupholstering chair 2_zpswxyj3tfx.jpg
Apparently it had been redone before.
 photo 26 February - goodbye daytime thumb 5_zpslf3vgmp3.jpg
All done! In retrospect I probably wanted tapestry type upholstery fabric, but it’s more comfortable than it was before!

 photo 22 February - hail and the Ink Garden of Brother Theophane 4_zpszxgocgzf.jpg
We read about berry dye in a book and tried it ourselves.

 photo 22 February - hail and the Ink Garden of Brother Theophane 5_zpsbv4aufq8.jpg
Crazy kid.
 photo 25 February - baths 1_zpsl4tt4mqt.jpg

 photo 25 February - baths 4_zpszhfbiayh.jpg
I love the postbath footprints she leaves.

 photo 23 February 4_zpsxksmd6wp.jpg
I love these and wish they were cheaper…

 photo 28 February - Sorayas botar 4_zpshdlfkclt.jpg
I made her a guitar and she wanted to take it everywhere.

Hymns of the month// I’ve been memorizing one hymn a month and brushing up on another one or two. It’s good for me both for memory techniques and for having the words always there, and S is picking up on a lot of it when I sing the same hymns every day. This month was Jesus, Priceless Treasure, O Love That Will Not Let Me Go, and The King of Love my Shepherd Is.

favorite recipes// million dollar chicken // loaded mashed cauliflower casserole (could use potatoes!) // moussaka // grilled salmon with avocado salsa// Pakistani black bean curry // butternut squash lasagna rollups – I put the squash in the cream sauce and just put it over pasta! Same yum, less work // blueberry breakfast cookies – not as good as others I’ve made, but good if you need egg-free //

best of online//  women’s wellness series // catching up on music from Spiritual Lives of the Great Composers – Stravinsky’s Symphony of Psalms // mentioned in “What Charlie Heard” was Putnam’s Camp, about two marching bands going opposite directions playing different tunes! // foster care in America: ways to help // foster children need the church // I have been reading a lot about Charlotte Mason’s homeschool method and am loving it. This is a good “preschool” summary that I am somewhat implementing with S // helpful gardening website // this is also really helpful for gardening in the PNW // Ezra posted a poem // natural pregnancy by week // Hope for PPD // Should I keep preparing for marriage or is it time to prepare for a single life? // listened to a book on tape about Shostakovich and this symphony became a favorite // reupholstering a chair here and here // Karim Wasfi defeats terror in Baghdad with music: video and NPR article //

reading of late// they Say We are Infidels // Loving the Little Years // The Renewing of the Mind Project // The Biggest Story // More Charlotte Mason Education // Dancing Through It // The First 1,000 Days // Wildly Affordable Organic // Symphony for the City of the Dead // (one of these was on tape, one was to Soraya, and three were mostly read in January and finished in February)

thinking about// “the end of all learning is to know God and out of that knowledge to love and imitate Him.” – Milton // peace & organization as a matter of my heart, not stuff & neatness // healing & sabbatical //

The Munchkins// are changing & growing SO much. S talks constantly about everything and is developing an imagination. Ellie shrieks and giggles and rolls wherever she wants to go.


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