6 months old!

I left off our postpartum journey with Ellie at one week postpartum, and so much has happened since then!

Ellie is a very easy, happy baby. She adores all of us, but especially S and Ezra – her face just lights up when she sees them. At 6 months she is not sitting yet, but it will be soon! She has the strength but not the balance. She rolls wherever she wants to go and loves to chew on everything (babyproofing with a toddler around is a totally different ballgame!) and is getting up onto her hands and knees. She doesn’t like the carrier and prefers sleeping in her crib to anywhere else.

More about her newborn days, from a post I started but never finished!

We had help until about 6 weeks. My mom and sister left when Ellie was about a month old, and then we had meals through Ladies’ Bible study every other night until 6 weeks, which was SO helpful. I loved how slow it made the transition, so I wasn’t jumping from having so much help to having the girls alone during the day AND having to make or thaw and heat dinners all at once.
One of my goals the last few days of my mom’s visit was to find Ellie’s sleep rhythm to know how long she should be awake for at a time and work on her going to sleep on her own, following the Awake times from Baby Whisperer and the ideas from Incredible Infant (and at 6 months she sleeps well and we haven’t had any major sleep training we’ve had to do!). In general I felt that we found “our way” sooner and I was worrying less about what was best or what people thought or following a certain method but just doing what worked for us at the time with an eye towards independent sleep. I was overall much less stressed about it anyway, remembering that even if today didn’t go how I wanted it to tomorrow was another chance to try again, and that it would get easier as her wake times got longer and were more than just her nursing.

Nursing didn’t have a huge learning curve and that also made things a lot easier, although we still have struggled with overactive let down, which was leading to Ellie having huge spit ups most days and needing to be held upright for 30 minutes after night feeds. We also had to remember some things about newborns, like their need to be burped, but mostly it was nice things to have to remember, like she couldn’t roll off the bed or climb out of places if we left her there for a few minutes.

I will say that at least the first few months with 2 kids is totally different than having one! It is getting easier and there are some parts that have always been easier (like that I knew what I was doing more often and that if I need Ellie to wake up S happily does that for me so I don’t have to take a break from cooking), but it is so different from just being S. The older Ellie gets, the more fun it is, though, especially seeing the girls’ friendship develop.


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