March felt so long! Looking back at photos from the beginning of the month I can’t believe it was just the beginning of March that stuff happened.

 photo 2 March - Lou and Cathys visit  6_zps8zqvrbjy.jpg
after talking about it for about 2 years we finally got one and spent the rest of the month testing it out.

 photo 4 March 4_zpshinekgnn.jpg
tiny pinecones

 photo 5 March 4_zpslqtt95nd.jpg
church starts at 1 PM so we play games in the morning after brunch
 photo 5 March 1_zpsxnsoilie.jpg
Yorkshire puddings before they deflated

 photo 5 March 5_zpslp1javng.jpg
testing out some different ice cream making methods.

 photo 9 March 7_zpskqix62sz.jpg
our morning plans fell through so we had a tea party

 photo 13 March 4_zpskirja4ar.jpg

 photo 13 March 1_zpsgmzhhhb2.jpg
Ezra surprised me with the whole wheat cinnamon rolls from the local coffee shop.

 photo 14 March - Pi day 6_zpsswkgegbv.jpg
pi day: tamale pie & lemon meringue pie

 photo 14 March - Pi day 7_zpsznad70wl.jpg
a crochet project that finally went right

 photo 20 March 3_zps2xsyh7nb.jpg
we did a craft with some footprints, and this was my way of keeping S out of trouble while I did Ellie’s… letting her have the ink on her own paper!

 photo 24 March 3_zpspu3ns046.jpg
deep frying some dandelion flowers!

 photo 27 March - storytime 8_zpsvcutejai.jpg
enjoying our field guide!

 photo 29 March 1_zpsnct6cbqy.jpg
she adores za’atar.

 photo 29 March 3_zpswvn07fsv.jpg
these squirrels are evil. They’ve eaten all the heads off of our bulbs and even dug up garlic (which they supposedly hate). I’m not sure how we’re going to have a garden.

 photo 29 March 6_zpsqyjktqy9.jpg
loving seeing our neighborhood come alive!

 Hymns of the month// memorizing: Day by Day // brushing up on: Hallelujah, What a Savior!

favorite recipes// chocolate avocado pudding // raw chocolate snack bars (more like dessert and it made an 8×8) // chocolate cashew ice cream // making ice cream without a machine // grain free Yorkshire puddings // egg-free grain-free breakfast cake // happy adrenal power smoothie // rosemary seminola olive oil bread // healthy caramel pumpkin dip // tamale pie // lentil spinach pancakes – not just for toddlers // homemade coconut milk // peanut sesame slaw // slowcooker baked beans – just don’t add tomato till the beans are cooked! // endurance crackers // cake batter balls // closest thing I’ve come to “real” paleo fudge //

best of online// x-plan giving your kids a way out // the light at the end of the tunnel // why kids ask why // bare naked gratitude // a curse for us – the death of Christ (sermon) //ever wondered the best way to store bread? //if you give a toddler lunch //15 Things I want to tell my TCK// real history of St. Patty’s AND Should Christians celebrate St Patrick’s Day? adoption and the destruction of biological children // 10 Opportunities to talk to your child about God //when the Potter is for us //cleaning glass shower doors // how to practice effectively //Man, Woman, and the Mystery of Christ // the case for minor keys // cleaning your washing machine // we enjoyed listening to Mendelssohn’s St. Paul //

thinking about// what my kids REAL needs are – not what they, I, or others perceive them to be

what brings joy// donating pumped milk to an adopting family // local eggs from a Joel Salatin-style farm // giggles

writing// I have been working on a poem but it mostly just sits untouched…


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