21 DSD Food Log

This is going to be long and detailed, but I want to document it for myself and others since these kinds of blog posts always help me a lot when preparing for anything like this.
If there are “off-plan” ingredients in a recipe I swapped them with something else or left them out. Probably the most common swap was using rutabaga instead of potato.

Day 1.
Food: Omelet with za’atar and nutritional yeast, tea with coconut oil for breakfast, ginger zucchini soup and leftover salad for lunch, spinach, zucchini, and carrot skillet for dinner with modified Sabih from Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem. Drank lots of water and had cucumbers, nori, and frozen peas for a snack… And caved to some peanut butter in the evening because I haven’t gone shopping yet so don’t have other nuts.
Other: I was less hungry than I anticipated, my mood was pretty good minus everyone being sad Grampa was gone, and energy was normal except I was ready for bed early!

 photo IMG_20170503_204416_zpshfam0q5m.jpg
a well-stocked fridge!
Day 2.
I slept so well last night but felt really woozy when I got out of bed so grabbed the only thing I could just eat right away, which was more peanut butter… Water, tea with coconut oil and collagen, 3.5 eggs and some veggies later I still felt terrible so I decided my body was telling me it needed more carbs so I ate half a cup of buckwheat and felt much better.
Lunch was leftovers from last night’s dinner, snacks were broth, walnuts, and olives, and dinner was guacamole and jicama with more Sabih, at a potluck, the hardest part of which was not eating cheese. Grocery shopping was actually easier because all the things I usually crave when walking through the store I knew were off limits!

Day 3.
Breakfast today was tea with coconut oil & collagen, paleo Yorkshire puddings, snack was some jicama, lunch was garlic carrot soup and more jicama and a hard boiled egg, then olives and walnuts for a snack, followed by salad with olives, walnuts, mustard, and olive oil, and a loose version of the creamy ham soup from the Nourishing Gourmet… And if I get hungry some frozen peas before bed.
I feel great, normal or maybe a tad more alert than usual, but that may be from going to bed earlier or a bit too much arrowroot today.

Day 4.
Almond tahini crusted fish and broccoli tahini soup for dinner. So yummy.
Leftovers for lunch.
Parsnip, egg, and tomato hash for breakfast, with a leftover Yorkshire pudding scarfed down beforehand because I couldn’t get off the couch until I ate something.
Snacked on peas, tea with coconut oil & collagen, almond pulp crackers, onion and carrot crackers, and hard boiled eggs.

Day 5.

The worst morning yet. I rushed to the kitchen with E in tow and scarfed down some peanut butter then grabbed my chia pudding and plopped on the floor before I fell over. Then after I got S up and we spent a long while cuddling I had a cup of kombucha, a hard boiled egg, a small portion of buckwheat, some crackers, and then a bit later some kale chips before I finally felt OK. Moral of the story is eat enough before bed and get enough carbs.
I didn’t feel like eating the leftover fish so had spaghetti squash with some sauce made with tomato paste, nutritional yeast, olives, walnuts, and broth, with a cucumber and 2 eggs on the side.
For dinner, “deconstructed hunter’s pie” – I was too lazy to put our shepherd’s pie all together and then elk was cheaper than beef for some reason. Cauliflower faux tatoes are amazing.
Aside from mornings I still feel great and have had enough energy to walk and do fit2b workouts, and my milk supply has still been great!

Day 6.
I put some carrot onion crackers on the nightstand to eat before getting out of bed and that helped immensely, but I was still super hungry while cooking up this deliciousness of omelet, parsnip hash browns, and avocado. I had what S didn’t eat of hers for a snack.
Lunch 1 was leftovers, lunch 2 was vegan broccoli bowls at a church potluck. I definitely ate more quinoa than ‘allowed’ but there was nothing else compliant like there usually would have been. Not eating the enchiladas was very difficult.
Dinner/snack was salad with a hardboiled egg and a few other toppings.

Day 7.

Breakfast: crackers in bed, omelet with kale and caramelized onions.
Snack: matcha cocoa almond milk latte – a little bitter with no sweetener but still delicious.
Lunch: curried chicken salad (with tomato, almonds, and carrot instead of raisins and cashews), cucumbers, nori, and a bit of spaghetti squash.
Snack: frozen peas, a few bites of crackers and leftover broccoli quinoa bowl.
Dinner: Thai Turkey meatballs (homemade Thai curry paste, without sweetener), spaghetti squash, cabbage.
Bedtime snack: bone broth.

Week 1 down! Definitely doing the energy modifications next week as my muscles didn’t really recover even after a rest day Sunday, and going to add in the allowed piece of fruit next week, too. I wanted the first week to be stricter but am going to follow more closely to the book next week (including removing my modifications of a little bit of grain and peanut butter).

Day 8.
Breakfast: walnuts, an attempt at coconut flour free almond flour free crêpes, filled with avocado and chicken salad.
Snack: more avocado and chicken salad, cucumber
Lunch: leftovers, kombucha
Snack: frozen peas, almond butter, olives
Dinner: salmon burgers with eggplant buns and carmelized onion, zucchini, and roasted cauliflower leek soup (from the 21DSD cookbook).

 photo IMG_20170510_180954_zpspzrrt4sx.jpg
Day 9.
I didn’t need a pre breakfast snack this morning, which was nice, but then I really enjoyed my 2 egg omelet with kale, parsnip, and caramelized onion.
We made kale chips for a snack, and then I got really hungry for lunch and had a salmon Burger, some eggplant, zucchini, roasted carrots, a hardboiled egg, olives, and almond butter.
Afternoon snack was some more kale chips and some zucchini chip fails before heading to the grocery store, after which I ate my first green tipped banana! Yay for fruit!
Dinner was thanks to my enchilada cravings – a cauliflower enchilada bake (used leftover chicken though) that was pretty good and definitely helped the cravings.

 photo IMG_20170512_173429_zpsbmwkqyev.jpg
Days 10-12 were camping.
I packed nuts and carrot onion crackers for snacks, and we roasted apples one night and made banana boats another (mine was with almond butter and cocoa instead of pb and chocolate chips). Breakfast day 1 was a chorizo egg salsa skillet, day 2 we ate out in town, which was a challenge I had been looking forward to but ended up just being upsetting: I was so acutely aware I couldn’t have the French toast I wanted so badly and then they didn’t have sweet potatoes so I ate the white potatoes because there were no better sides… So I left feeling both deprived and like I cheated, especially since I could have made better scrambled eggs myself. Definitely the lowest moment so far.
But, my lunches were nori and salmon curry salad, a step above Ezra and S’s PB&J, with veggies.
Dinner the first night we had tinfoil dinners (that’s rutabaga in mine). The second night we had sausages (artichoke garlic for me), roasted carrots, some veggie chips Ezra bought for me, and I had a sweet potato for a bun and it was so tasty.
The night we got home I made chicken taco bowls based off of this.

 photo IMG_20170514_083857_zpsxa2jze2y.jpg

Day 13.

Crepes for breakfast! We found a recipe with no almond or coconut flour and decided today was a good day to try them out. Filled with chocolate almond butter + banana and onion + avocado.
Lunch was the fennel cinnamon braised pork from the 21dsd cookbook, with parsnip rutabaga mash and green beans. We don’t usually eat pork because I don’t love it but our grocery store had a punch card thing and we got 7 lbs of pork roast for free, so cut it in 3 and have frozen the other two sections.
For dinner we had salad, egg drop soup, and leftover grilled cabbage.
Snacks: nuts, S’s lunch leftovers, kombucha jello.

 photo IMG_20170515_180609_zps2ezrmvx7.jpg
Day 14
Breakfast today was an omelet filled with rutabaga hashbrowns and avocado, topped with nutritional yeast.
Snacks today: hard boiled egg, cauliflower hummus, kombucha jello, frozen banana with almond butter.
Lunch was leftover pork roast and salad.
For dinner I threw an onion, a head of garlic, a sweet potato, and some carrots in the crockpot, cooked on low all day, and then took the chicken out and broiled it for crispy skin before serving with celeriac mash. I had a mug of the broth with dinner, too, and it was so rich and sweet from the sweet potato and from it being the first batch of broth with that chicken.

Day 15.
it just got harder. Not because of my dream where I ate all the foods but because I have realized some of the things I was eating more of were making my indigestion worse… So no more nuts, cabbage, cauliflower, coconut, and a few other things.
So today I ate French Toast eggs for breakfast, leftover veggies and egg drop soup with avocado for lunch, frozen peas and kombucha jello for snacks, and we ended the day with Thai vegetable soup (with added chicken and spaghetti squash instead of rice vermicelli, and no coconut milk for me. I love this soup so much!).

Day 16.
Breakfast: fried eggs and kale, tea with coconut oil and gelatin
Snacks: tahini and veggies, green apple, hardboiled egg
Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: salad with some green apple, goulash with rutabaga instead of potato and some sausage left at home from camping instead of stew meat.

 photo IMG_20170518_120222_zpsoz6ixihr.jpg

Day 17.

Started off the day with a sweet potato, kale, and egg frittata.
Lunch was pulled pork (with a BBQ sauce recipe we didn’t save because we ended up adding so much to it it wasn’t the same in the end) in plantain tortillas and salad.
Dinner was leftover soup, tuna zoodle casserole (thickened with arrowroot, and used broth instead of coconut milk), and some leftover frittata.
For snacks it was more of the usual: banana, hardboiled egg, cucumber and tahini.

 photo IMG_20170519_123643_zpsor5bz7ms.jpg

Day 18.

B:hard boiled egg, French toast scramble, a bit of grapefruit
L: salmon patties with sweet potatoes, avocado salsa, and zucchini. This was going to be my “victory” meal, but the way the last few days were going to be that wasn’t going to work, and then salmon has been SO expensive that I decided to try patties with canned salmon instead of using fillets. It worked alright – not quite as good but still yummy.
D: split before and after movie – leftover pulled pork and salad, leftover tuna zoodle casserole
S: cuke with BBQ sauce, egg, olives, and chocolate banana drink, my attempt at hot chocolate without any kind of even imitation milk.

Day 19.

Still not sure what’s causing indigestion and I am so over this but don’t want to reintroduce anything until I have an idea of what it might be.
Breakfast: parsnip and zucchini omelet
Lunch: leftover tuna zoodle casserole, leftover salmon patty and salsa
Dinner: chicken sofrito from Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem but with sweet potatoes, slaw with daikon, apple, cucumber, and a lime balsamic dressing.
Snacks: veggies and tahini, part of a plantain tortilla, hard boiled egg.

 photo IMG_20170521_084243_zpsppgf9yds.jpg
Day 20.
Sweet potato fritters and sautéed kale for breakfast.
Lunch was leftovers, dinner was a pumpkin chicken soup, olives, carrots, and tomatoes at a potluck, and we had hard boiled eggs, cucumbers, and avocado for snacks.
I’ve decided that chasing the rabbit trail of minor indigestion from things I’m eating is too exhausting at this point so am going to continue on with reintroducing things and hope it’s obvious if something makes it worse, knowing I may have to attempt a low FODMAP diet or something down the road.

Day 21
Breakfast: pumpkin plantain pancakes
Lunch: leftover soup
Snacks: hard boiled egg, daikon apple slaw, apple, peas
Dinner: meatballs, sauce, and spaghetti squash, green beans, salad with bacon, banana chocolate ‘ice cream for dessert.
Overdid it on the fruit a bit today but I feel fine and am so excited to eat some gluten free grains tomorrow!

Homemade almond milk
homemade mayonnaise (egg-free as I didn’t have my pastured eggs that week). It didn’t turn out that well, but oh well.


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