Words by S #2

“(about lightening) “Where’s the flashlight in the sky, Papa?”

“Bug!” “That’s an ant,” “Aunt Susannah!”

“I love you, Papa!” “I love you, S!” “Just kidding!”

“Do you want peanut butter?” “Just butter.”

“Be still my soul, the Lord is on thy face.”

“What’s that come from, Mommy?” <- favorite question.

“last night” = the past
“on Sunday” = the future

“Mommy, my name is S and I have a question for you.”

“Where’s my daddy?”
“Some kids call their papas daddy, you call him papa.”
“Can I call him Ezra?”
“Only if you get lost.”
“Can I get lost?”

“long my heart has panted… like a dog wants water.”

“Did you hurt your leg?” “I hurt my jeans.”

“cashew doll” = kokeshi doll

“I’m feeding my baby. I don’t have milk, just cuddles.”
“We’re going away from the darking bog.”
“Where’s the darking gob?”
“He’s back a few blocks.”
“He’s with the blocks.”

“O precious little baby, yet to be born.” (Blessings upon you, my baby unborn)

“precious little papa, do you have an idea?”

“Can I pet Ellie?”

“No mommy have fun with papa.” (almost every time I put her to bed…)

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