Things to do with a Toddler

{I wrote up this list to help me think of things to do with S so we don’t get bored at home. Some of it is simple, some of it takes more planning, but it’s all things we’ve done or hope to do!}

Routinely: (loosely based on this)
library x1 week
walks – daily
Playground, at least 1x/week
reading around 20 min/day – usually involves some Bible, Spanish, and poetry.
singing our hymn of the month
involving her in chores/cooking (I need to be better about this! Usually it’s just giving her a rag while I clean the bathrooms or the broom after I sweep, etc. In the kitchen she does the salad spinner and sets the table)
Working on habits & character (mostly means not filling the day so much we don’t have time to stop and work on this!)

hunt for bugs
identify trees, birds, flowers (we have an Audubon Pacific Northwest field guide)
go to the beach
picnic (even in the back yard!)
water play/water table/water painting

paint (you can even make it yourself! This one is our favorite so far. This one has ideas for food-based dyes).
paper houses
Face paint
corn husk dolls
pipe cleaners & beads (we have a crown to make soon!)
salt dough
paper bag puppets or masks
decorate what you bring in from outdoors
slime and more slime
stamp with potatoes, apples, etc.
A whole list of “recipes for play!”

build a fort
blow bubbles
put on music and dance! (we do this often if it’s too rainy to walk!)
put on music and add to it with your instruments (or pots and pans! If you want some ideas for music to listen to and what to point out about it, look at this)
play a game (S loves to play a matching game my Aunt got us and likes to play with Qwirkle pieces)
sensory bins (if your kid is into this. S could care less, but I’m sure we’ll do some with E as she is so into feeling things)
independent quiet play – some ideas here. 

Cooking together:
ice cream

With books:
make a food mentioned
do an activity mentioned
learn about the setting
(more ideas/details about this kind of thing in this post about Five in a Row here)

Serve others:
take a meal to new neighbors, someone with a new baby, etc.
bake cookies to meet your neighbors
Look for opportunities to volunteer at things your toddler can come along for
Walk for a fundraiser
Sort toys/clothes and choose some to donate

If we want something more structured before we really start school, we’ll probably loosely use ABC Jesus Loves Me.

What do you like to do with your toddler?

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