S’s Quiet Book

I never saw myself as someone who would make a ton of crafts for my kids, especially not of quiet-book scale or beyond crocheted hats. But I started wanting a quiet book for S to practice things like braiding, snaps, zippers, and buttons, and so decided to attempt making her a quiet book. I also wanted to include counting, shapes, and colors, and after browsing Pinterest this is what we ended up with.
We gave it to her for her birthday and she likes it but needs a fair bit of help. Ezra’s comment while I was making it about it occupying ME more than HER may be true! 😉 But it was fun to make and I realized I enjoy working with felt because you don’t have to hem it!


colorful Popsicle sticks
Abacus, shoe laces, phone
cookie shapes
picnic basket/place setting
vegetable patch
sewing quiet book pages
quiet book cover
pie weaving
mail box
clock & vest

It was more labor-intensive than I had expected, I think mostly due to there being more machine sewing than I had anticipated and less hand-sewing – I like having hand sewing as something to do while watching movies, etc. so I ended up having to put more sewing-only time into it. But any additional pages will be easier since we have all the supplies and I can whip them up for presents for birthdays, Christmas, etc. or make other covers to divide them up for multiple kids to use.

Future ideas – some more advanced for S, some easier for E:
Maps – whether for cars/road or Atlas-style
Other shapes/color matching pages

My next project is Jesse Tree ornaments – but I am not going to try to get them done for this year! I also have a rule for them that I can’t buy any supplies since I have so many bits and pieces. And we have tshirts to turn into a tshirt quilt…


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