2018: October

Somehow making donuts has become a bit of an October tradition, although I hadn’t done it in a while. A friend came over and we made sourdough donuts that were delicious!

The last of summer’s bounty… a 5#+ zucchini.

And sourdough pumpkin anise bagels. I always get excited about pumpkin in the fall, but am generally disappointed by what I make with them. Exceptions are usually anything savory and breakfast cookies.

A failed attempt at leaf crowns.

A lot more rain than in September, but also many beautiful days perfect for nature walks.

S’s sail boat at sea.

This wrapper was ruined when sesame oil leaked on our drive down to move, but thankfully it didn’t get to the chocolate, which was delicious, though it seemed lower-quality than the price would indicate.

It’s nice to not have to drive an hour+ to get to Trader Joe’s, but it still isn’t close enough for regular shopping. I stopped in when I was close by for something else and loaded up!

We’ve been trying to direct S towards choosing more quality books at the library, but she still gravitates towards really dumb ones. And often the ones at story time are often rather lame. So I was thrilled when she pulled out Roxaboxen instead of listening to the storytime story.

Spiced and glazed tea cake prompted by the Great British Baking Show… but overall disappointing.

I’ve been interested in genealogy for a long time, and recently wanted to organize the bits and pieces I had and dig deeper to fill in the blanks, ultimately to make family trees for all sides. I’ve been able to go back farther than expected, so it’s been more time consuming, but it’s so rewarding.

memorization// The Secret Place (Sproul) // Ephesians 3:14-21

favorite recipes// easy pear crisp (used only a small bit of maple syrup for sweetener, and our pears were very juicy so I added in 1 T flour) // sourdough donuts // summer squash pizza // sourdough 101 // flourless pumpkin bread (closest low-sugar one I can find!) // pumpkin breakfast cookies // buckwheat granola // coconut flour pumpkin muffins // turmeric bombs (I added maca to mine, and love how much faster it makes measuring everything out!) // pumpkin curry chicken // super easy tomato sauce with onion and butter // golden curry lentil soup // carrot cake scones // caramelized pear ice cream (sweetened with 1/4 c or less maple syrup) //

best of online// fabric flower tutorial // fake bike helmets // building a fitness lifestyle // is pressure cooking healthy? // fighting domestic abuse // digital discipleship // some oboe love // interview on parenting with Elyse Fitzpatrick (SO SO GOOD) // 3 Ways to Repent of Apathy Towards Abortion // do’s and don’t’s of discipling singles // God is holding out on me // song of lament: My Refuge Still // postpartum & breastfeeding nutrition // child grooming // living in an emotionally abusive marriage // Shai Linne’s children’s album // evangelizing children // lots of helpful stuff on this ask us anything Risen Motherhood episode // GOD (The Bible Project video) // 10 tips for involving children in the kitchen // practicing foreign language in 5 minutes or less // being God’s beauty on earth //

confessions of a self-righteous soul: “Redemption loses its luster when I am able to identify more sin around me than in my own heart of hearts… The gospel does not free us to look with condescension on those who are trapped in sin. It does free us to come alongside a struggling brother or sister and exhort with a blend of grace and truth.”

growing heavenward: “For Newton, maturity is all about being humble and dependent upon God and not a glory stealer, not stealing credit for the work God is doing… At this very moment, you are exactly as holy and mature in your faith as God wants you to be. He cannot be disappointed in you or surprised by you if he is the one controlling the entire process of growth from start to finish.” + her thoughts on dealing with success and failure.

One of the easiest ways we save on healthy food is via Azure Standard – not without its drawbacks, but we get our cocoa powder, coconut oil, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, peanuts, and flour from them for far cheaper and higher quality than I can find anywhere else. They’ve been struggling financially the last few years, so are offering incentives to members to share (just being honest!)… but I should have a long time ago! If you do join, use this link and code KyleighDunn1 and we get some credit.

reading of late// The Wounds of God (Wilcock) // Life Together (Bonhoeffer) // The Day the World Came to Town (DeFede) // Emotionally Healthy Church (Scazzero) // Wild Things (Handy)

thinking about// keeping the schedule at 80% // the way to knowing others is blocked by my own ego. Jesus mediating all relationships, thus others independent, loved for what tehy are not what they can do for me (Bonhoeffer) // 2 Thessalonians: God will work in me what He requires of me // what to do when you feel unseen and be aware of others who are unseen, and how God is the God who sees // sola scriptura and conscience: His word, not other believers, is the standard // God using all our circumstances (including my failures) to shape our girls into who He wants them to be // the music of my childhood (like Sara Groves and Michael Card) being understood in adulthood //

what brings joy// new to us books // learning about the people before me // warm October days


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