April 2019

a little evening snack and unwinding. Cheerios with raisins and blueberries are a pregnancy favorite for me.

We had mostly nice weather in April, but there as a stretch of rainy days and one weekend I knew the girls and I would be bored if I didn’t think of something to do, so I made a big batch of enriched sourdough dough and we shaped it into all sorts of different things.

And then I made croissants with some help from a friend. My butter was too cold when I started the lamination process so they didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped, but they were still tasty!

“Mommy, I brought you a bouquet!” (almost every time we are outside)

They love to help in the garden, and also love to wear swimsuits.

sourdough spelt hot cross buns

I love all the blossoms everywhere!



memorization// Romans 5:1-10

favorite recipes// shaping a pinwheel // sourdough enriched dough // savory dampfnudel (steamed rolls) // croissant tutorial (just add that the butter block needs to be bendable before you start laminating!) // sourdough croissant recipe // sourdough hot cross buns // ranch chicken tacos // coconut flour muffins //

best of online// on being had // Easter Heroism // Elisabeth Elliot speaks on parenting // establishing sexual norms for children // my pregnant body is none of your business // babywearing jacket tutorial (unfortunately I wanted to do this with a coat I didn’t want to sew on, but love the idea) // If Your Enemy is Hungry (serving even ISIS) // strong churches speak the language of lament // babywearing hacks // is God anti-gay? // 9 things to know about Notre Dame // when mommy loves Jesus more // her stillborn, Him sovereign // purging your kids’ toys // welcome your sisters battling infertility // how to move more in a 9-5 //

reading of late// The Supper of the Lamb (Capon) // Hosea // Worship by the Book (ed. Carson) // The Hardest Thing to Do (Wilcock) // Redefining Leadership (Stowell)

thinking about// recovering emotionally after a car accident // finding ways to function effectively and sneak in rest despite being so tired //

what brings joy// singing tenor // picnics and outdoor time // spring break //

The Munchkins// We started potty training E! She has been so easy to potty train, though we have had more accidents after the first week as the initial excitement has worn off.

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