October 2019

{this is my last post before a December blogging break. After that there will be a lot of posts on baby!}

a very pregnant fall walk, with a bouquet of leaves from S

bringing in what was left in the garden before the first frost (there were many many bins of tomatoes left upstairs to ripen)

I spy a pair of boots discarded to climb trees and left outside for a few days.

First time ever at 40 weeks!
But did not go beyond 40 weeks – I went into labor a few hours after this photo.

Newborn snuggles with B. With E I didn’t get much one on one time until she was a week old, so it was nice to have time with just B and I in the hospital.

Getting spoiled by friends bringing meals.

B had a posterior tongue tie that we had revised (the way all that worked out was exhausting, but amazing because the local doctor is not only an expert but also was in our insurance network!), and so we had stretches we had to do frequently afterwards – E decided to do them for her baby, too.

beautiful sweet gum tree leaves

did zero planning for Reformation Day till the night before. Planned on reading the book on Katherina von Bora. While I was trying to put WHY the Reformation was needed into kindergartner terms, S ran and grabbed her book on Jeanne D’Albret which explains it well. We used some of this printable and listened to this song over lunch.

favorite recipes// warm winter salad // pumpkin crockpot oats (used only a drizzle of syrup) // gingerbread muffins // crockpot chalupas (no beer) // miso sweet potato broccoli bowl // rosemary sourdough bread //

best of online// shoes for healthy feet // joys and challenges of male/female friendships // screens are changing the way we read scripture // helping kids think about their faith // when you’re not perfect enough // dear women’s ministry, stop telling me I’m beautiful // pesticides // self care that revives the soul // how to trust God in an unkind world //

reading of late// The Problem of God (Clark) // Why I Believed (Daniels) // Carry on, Mr Bowditch (Latham) // The Sixth Lamentation (Brodie) // The Hour Before Dawn (Wilcock) // The Lost Princess (MacDonald) // The Cozy Minimalist Home (Smith) // Because of Winn-Dixie // The Giraffe, the Pelly, and Me (Dahl)
…mostly while waiting for or snuggling baby. some were aloud to the girls.

thinking about// how to do life with three kids.

what brings joy// fresh bread// mommy // October sunshine // good lactation consultants // grocery pick-up

{this post was typed with one hand while holding a sleeping baby}

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