Summer 2021

I love the layers in this nest.
Forget the play structure, in July and August the park is for blackberries.
And the backyard is for tomatoes!
Vacation time! We took a road trip to Eastern Washington and then to see my grandparents.
the alphorn in Leavenworth
feeding the cows my grandma boards
it was my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary, so we pulled out her wedding dress (that my mom also wore) and my younger sister and I tried it on.
We came home to twenty pounds of tomatoes.
a quiet morning at the library.
And a trip towards the mountain with friends.
And, finally, my girls on the same kind of carousel I grew up riding.

memorization// I memorized Isaiah 40 a few years ago, but am trying to get it to where I can recite it without prompts.

favorite recipes//
tasty fresh salsa
delicious cake (and I’m not usually a cake lover)

best of online// 
1. Two women I follow on Instagram did a grace-filled postpartum series. My favorite posts were this one, this one, and this one.
2. I finally found the arrangement of God of Our Fathers I played at camp one year.
3. I love this vision in buying a run-down house.
4. artists and the pit of despair
5. this sermon series on Isaiah 40
6. Charlotte Mason Fact Check
7. Did God change at the incarnation? (another take here)
8. social media and trying to be God
9. ice skating to Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
10. helpful article on perinatal OCD (warning: he does mention specific intrusive thoughts)
11. This podcast on mental health and the gospel.

reading of late// I read a lot this summer. My goal for 2021 was 60 books (trying to cut back to average 5/month), but I hit that by the end of July.
July reads:
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Character Matters (Menikoff)
We Will Not Be Silenced (Lutzer)
From Every People and Nation (Hays)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
My Last Name (Schumacher)
The Techwise Family (Crouch)
Russia’s Man of Steel (Marrin)
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Pearl, Orfeo (trans. Tolkien)
On God and Christ (Gregory of Nazianzus)

August reads:
And It Was Beautiful (Tippetts)
Ourselves (Charlotte Mason; I’ve been reading it since early in the year)
The Imitation of Christ (Thomas a Kempis; I’ve been reading it since early July)
Dragonfly (Meacham)
None Greater (Barrett)
The Promise is His Presence (Marshall)
The God Who Is There (Schaeffer)
Little Britches (Moody; aloud to Ezra and the girls in the car)

Paged through The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Fault Lines, and The Body Keeps the Score.

what brings joy// hugging family // 60 years of marriage for my grandparents // surprises // a fast computer // quiet mornings at the seminary library // toddlers in sunshine // cousins // gramma’s house //

The Munchkins// have been an exhausting delight this summer. We’re looking forward to getting back into a better routine, but the break and more time outside have been welcome.

writing// The Presence of God in Our Pain (guest post, a re-work of two old posts from my blog). I was also a guest on The Dark Side of the Full Moon podcast sharing about my PMADs. You can listen to that here.
Also, I’ve started an email list (I promise I won’t spam you!) and you can subscribe to that here. It’s different than subscribing to my blog via wordpress.

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