Semper Reformanda – Day 1

November is half gone and we’ve been home 2 weeks and I’m just getting to writing about the conference! Most of the other things I’ve been posting were drafts or were quick posts.

I typed up my notes about a week ago (was it really just a week? I don’t think I’ve ever been so busy before!) to send to Anna but they haven’t gone anywhere but to Anna since.

SO. Some of this will be jumbled notes, some will be more coherent paragraphs.

We came in with a big crowd (us, the family we were staying with, and some dear family friends) but there wasn’t a line at all for registration and daddy had picked up our nametags and things before I even realized what was happening. Then I went and met Ashlee and played and talked with our dear Neals. Soon after that we sang some and Mr. Bratton gave an introduction, then Mr. Washer spoke. The topic according to the notebook was “the Organic Church,” but Mr. Washer went on a long tangent (that took up the whole session!) about Psalm 19. But it was quite a glorious tangent!

He talked about having a lack of contentment until the banner of Christ flies everywhere, saying “[the only time we should drop our swords and grow content is when] the last hill is won or Christ returns or takes you home.”

He reminded us that although we love our families and our churches, they are not what we are all about – we are all about Christ. Give yourself to your family but do not make your family an idol. If you care about your family members’ salvation but not your neighbor’s, then perhaps your family is an idol.

The purpose of the biblical family is effective evangelism – Christ’s exaltation! We should be training our kids not to have a moral version of the American dream, but to be arrows who are willing to suffer and die for Christ. We’re not made for comfort and safety but to fight for Him.

It is easier to submit to a husband when he is about Christ and not himself.

All is rot apart from Christ.

Missions is sending the Truth forth through men – so be saturated in the Truth so it can speak through you! We need to revolutionize culture through the gospel.

Run your course with JOY, and read scripture to KNOW Him (not just for enjoyment, but in His presence there is fullness of joy!). God has made us weak for it is in brokenness and weakness we realize we must go to Him. We are not too weak but to strong. Develop a habit of crying out, for apart from Him, we fail! The strength that comes from knowing Him is worth the time. When our hearts are cold is when we need Him most.

No one is given to prayer and scripture reading. We must fight for it. Can you be alone? Can you pursue Christ, giving your time to Him, not the pack?

Jehovah’s Witnesses are wrongly named… for Christians are the true witnesses of Jehovah!

Charismatics should not make us deny or think less of the Holy Spirit, but search scripture for a right understanding of Him.

We are not fighting to lose, and not just holding ground. Planting a Church moves Christ forward on the battlefield. Church planting is a man discerning the vine, seeing where it’s going and growing, then going there to labor. Watch where Christ is moving and then go there.

There is more hope than we can imagine! (Hope in knowing we can do nothing, but God can!)

Then Mr. Shiflet gave a message called “Called and Qualified.”

He reminded us that we don’t need a reform system to change the church, but the gospel.

We went on a quick flyover of Exodus 25-30, with references to Hebrews 8, 9, and 10, and Ephesians, talking about the tabernacle. We can’t be made perfect in an earthly tabernacle; it’s just as shadow. But now the dwelling is in men, so we need to seek to be built up by Him and for Him.

After Exodus 25-30, Moses is overwhelmed with the task set before him. Then God said He would choose, appoint, call, qualify, and equip the workers. He appoints from whatever background He chooses – not letters following someone’s name or what’s on their resume. They are not appointed to self but to the work He’s set for them to do – and not anything more or less. God constrains the workers, “Do this and nothing else.” Follow the plan (regulative principle of worship)!.

The appointment to the church is confirmed by the qualifications given in 1 Timothy and Titus. He hasn’t left it for us to figure out but has a pattern. Don’t be influenced by the world but scripture (sprinkling Jesus on a worldly culture doesn’t heal it). Don’t usurp it, that places you in jeopardy. Seminary can be an aid, but it’s not a qualification. The Church is to train, test, discern, and examine, not seminary. A degree doesn’t qualify – His call does. Then once called He equips for the work.

One way He equips is by His word.

God appoints – so sometimes we don’t have as many as we’d like. Pray for Him to send more laborers!

He constrains jurisdiction and influence and acclaim only within His set roles – Church, not state or family.

Do we recognize what God is building? Do we see the clear pattern He’s given us for the Church? Acts 20, 1 Peter 5

When we do things in a way other than He’s said, we neglect what He has prescribed.

There’s much work to do, but we’re not responsible for all the work – saving souls, making law –NO.

Do you trust His provision?

Then we went to our hosts and slept very soundly except for Candace almost rolling over me. 🙂

Day two coming soon, hopefully!

– Kyleigh

P.S. – For another summary of the conference, go to SpeakDealLiveTruly.


Sufficiency of Scripture: 10 Reasons the Swansons Homeschool

Kevin Swanson is one of my favorite speakers to listen to. Him, Mr. Phillips, and Pastor Voddie. I love Mr. Washer, but his shouting makes it hard for me to listen to him. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something different when Mr. Washer shouts than when Mr. Swanson or Mr. Phillips do. It’s not content, it’s not passion. All of these men are passionate about what they speak about.

At the Sufficiency of Scripture conference, Mr. Swanson spoke at the morning Key Note on Saturday. His topic? Education. Mr. Swanson was homeschooled and is homeschooled. He started off with 10 reasons why the Swansons homeschool. They were amusing, but true.

10. We don’t have to ask the school district for breaks to go hunting in the middle of October.
9. We can pray all day long (fulfilling ‘pray without ceasing.’)
8. We can teach Leviticus 26:13 as part of our high school curriculum.
7. Our children can be in 4 grade levels at the same time. (He demonstrated this with

Stranger: “What grade are you in?”
Son: “Uhhh… I’m ten.”
Mr. Swanson: “It’s alright, he’s doing Algebra 2.”

6. We just prefer pajamas to uniforms.
5. I can have a high school class reunion anytime. There. Just had one now.
4. We never miss the (jail) bus.
3. You can bring guns to school if you want to.
2. There’s always someone home to take out the trash.
1. The school staff is totally in love with each other and the students love it when they make out in front of the class.

Mr. Swanson then launched into a true story from 1844 – the Supreme Court, yes you heard that right, the SUPREME COURT argued AGAINST public schools because the U.S. is a Christian country and the Bible is infallible.
Those ideas have changed, and we are where we are today because the new ideas are transmitted in school, not Church. Ideas have consequences. Marxists desired to destroy Church and family, because they understood this. Marxists understand the battle we’re in better than Christians, and they fight it well!
What Christians have done is taken formal education and put it higher than teaching character and the fear of the LORD. Mr. Swanson challenged us to put formal education on the back burner and teach what is really important.
There’s a whole book in the Bible dedicated to education. What is it? Proverbs. It’s dedicated to the education of character.
Mr. Swanson demonstrated the way the study of Character plays out in education. His son once was doing terribly at math. Mr. Swanson told his son that if he got below 85% on a math test, he had to do the whole chapter again. After the next chapter, the son got 72%. Not exactly 85%. So Mr. Swanson made his son do it again. At this point, the son started crying. (To us, Mr. Swanson asked – now what does the word ’emotion’ have to do with math?). Mr Swanson told his son, “I’m not teaching you math, I’m teaching you character and just using math to do it.”
Character is the walls and foundation of the house. Academics is the wall paper – you don’t and can’t put wallpaper on nonexistant walls (that’s like teaching in the public schools).
The public schools (Mr. Swanson speaks with authority in this area, he taught in one), teach grammar as an island. You learn grammar away from life. We need to teach grammar as it applies to life. Don’t teach grammar, teach letter-writing and they’ll learn grammar with that.

But even character is not the greatest thing to learn. The most important thing to teach your children is the fear of God. Everything in school should cause us to worship God.
Job – God did it all. He ought to be worshiped!
Fossils? Many came from the flood – which was judgment! Fear God!
History? God’s plan. Fear Him!
Science? Can you do that? No. God can. Worship Him!
Literature? Give them the literature of the city of God! Bunyan, Calvin, Rushdoony…
The problem with America is that we have separated the fear of God and chemistry. We should be on our knees worshiping because we study chemistry!
The fear of God keeps us from pride because we realize these are the mysteries of God!
We have abandoned the fear of God, and it is destroying us!
Our motivation for schooling should be the character of the child not a good job – which brings a lot of money, so your kids can have good education, so they get a good job… repeats, but with no eternal meaning. We’re fitting our children for the city of man, not the city of God. The city of man always falls, because it is based in education, not discipleship, character, and the fear of God.
The gospel is the death and resurrection of Christ. This should bring us to our knees. Love and fear meet at the cross. The ark makes no sense but for the dead bodies floating around outside. Why have the ark unless there’s something terrible outside? Why have the cross unless for judgment?
Our passion: we need more of the fear of God in the way we educate our children.

Mr. Swanson’s talk was my favorite Key note, no question about it. And it’s not only challenged my own ideas of how I’ll educate my own children (Lord willing), but the way I’m educating myself. I stopped myself today, during literature. I wasn’t doing an exercise very thoroughly. I reminded myself “Character.” And fixed it. Biology has caused me to worship many times already, and Dr. Wile does a beautiful job incorporating the fear of God into the course.

This is what we need more of in America – the fear of God and character. Pray for the men who are seeking to do this.

Bail O Dia Ort,

Desert Challenge 2008.

Well… Desert Challenge this year is over.
And it was quite interesting, and very challenging, but not in the way the people running it meant it to be, if that makes any sense at all.

The night before DC, daddy had prayed for us that we would be able to be serving others and being lights, and turning the hearts of the children to their fathers.

The first day was quite frustrating. I briefly talked with some girls from a neighboring city while checking in, and then we had our opening session. Already I was quite surprised – we had a brief time of worship, and I found it very hard to concentrate – there were moving lights and the music was too loud. The first session I actually spent with my eyes closed and ears plugged (after that I brought in ear plugs). The speaker was engaging and funny, and made some good points, but he could have talked a lot more effectively if some things had been more to the point. The topic this year was Mission (im)possible, and the focus of missions is the gospel. Except in my small group, the gospel was never clearly presented. During the last session, though, the speaker did talk about how we can’t do it on our own, but it’s through God alone that we can change the world. Afterwards we had mega tracks – the guys and girls split up. The girl’s speaker started out by saying, “I believe that guys and girls are equal, and that anything guys can do, girls can do too, and much better.” Whoa. Ok… I looked over at Caroline and we were both like “That was not good.” At dinner we discussed Biblical femininity and roles and good role models for us as young ladies to have. The guys, however, seemed to have had a wonderful track and were challenged by Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.
After the evening session and No Talent Show, we went to where we were staying and Cait and I called mom and dad. We talked for a while and prayed, then Cait and I went to bed.

The next morning after small groups I pulled a brother in Christ aside and told him that later I wanted to talk to him – I said about how to talk to some young men who were distracting, boisterous, and quite intimidating. I also wanted to talk to him about a comment he had made the previous day about not being sure if he wanted to be supporting Desert Challenge. We decided to talk after the Surge tracks, then went down to lunch. The Surge tracks and sessions that day I found to be quite surface level for the most part. One of the drama teams performed The Lifehouse Everything skit, which was a highlight, it was very powerful for a lot of people and a great reminder of just what Christ’s sacrifice was.
We had afternoon activities and I went outside and played Frisbee, in the process meeting a young lady from another city, with whom I had an encouraging conversation.
My friend and I talked after the Surge tracks, and another young man and a girl friend of mine joined us. We had planned to talk for an hour or so and then go eat dinner, but an hour later we were still talking in the lounge and talked through dinner. First we discussed the young men, and decided to approach the leaders about them later. We also talked briefly about chivalry and being brothers and sisters in Christ. But then our conversation drifted to Desert Challenge that year, sound theology and what we believed Desert Challenge should be like – not mirroring the world but instead creating a counter-culture that is so much better and more excellent than what the world has to offer, centered around the gospel and targeting both believers and non-believers, building others up in love instead of tearing them down or inserting crude humor. We also talked about family and the purpose of youth group and how that applied to us. We acknowledged that yes, the family is the primary place of teaching and that youth culture is not Biblical. But then came the question – so what about those of us who are getting the training in the home? Do we stay in youth group and minister to those who don’t get sound theology in the home, turning the hearts of fathers to their children and children to their fathers? Or do we leave and start creating a counter culture of families leaving a legacy for Christ? This has been something Cait, my parents, siblings, and I have been seriously considering for the past few months, and recently have come to believe that the answer to that question is that yes, we should leave. To what extent and exactly what that means we’re not sure of yet.

The final day, we had small groups, and then talked more about theology – predestination, more on the roles of women and men… The lights were gone during worship, which changed the atmosphere a lot and really helped bring me to worship instead of just singing.
So while the messages in the conference were not all that refreshing, the conversations they triggered were very much so.

Because of circumstances going into the conference, throughout the whole conference I felt like just throwing myself at the foot of the cross, and clinging to it. Clinging to his love, humility… to His example of perfect, loving servanthood. The longing to kneel at his feet and give Him my all and not take my eyes off of the cross, my brokenness, and Christ’s sacrifice. And through that becoming a servant like Him, learning to put aside my glory and instead following after His glory.
On the second night we wrote love letters to God. I kept mine as a prayer, a promise, an offering.
One thing the speaker did constantly talk about was love – and how loving others will make us completely different from the world. He reminded us not to be ashamed of the beautiful treasure that we have.

Jesus, thank you. Thank you that I can cling to your cross because of what you suffered for me. Agony, pain, separation from God. Help me, as I run this race, not to fear pain, but to look up at you from where I’ve thrown myself prostrate at your feet and see your hands, your face, see what you gave for me. And I’ll give my all to be a perfect, sanctified, loving servant, running your race to your glory.
Because of the grace that flows from your wounded hands.
Help me cling to this love and grace, Jesus.
Let me never let go.
I have decided, to follow Jesus… no turning back, no turning back.
The world behind me, the cross before me… no turning back, no turning back.
Choose ye this day… but I will serve the Lord!
… and throw myself, a forgiven sinner at the foot of your cross.
All of me
At the cross
Because of your mercy.

On a lighter note…
“Yeah, beef is the muscle of a cow.”
“I didn’t know that…”
“And chicken is the muscle of a cow, too.”

“Where’d Sarah go?”
“I ate her.”
“Been taking Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal too seriously, eh?”

You are very, very loved.
– Kyleigh

Csehy Chapel Notes.

Csehy Summer School of Music 2008
Chapel Notes

June 22 – Ben Harding – James 2:14-26
Faith alone, but not faith that is alone.
James 1:12 and James 5:19
James is about genuine faith even under trial.
Useless faith – not meeting needs. V. 14-17
Demonic faith – believing without obedience v. 18-20. Demons believe, but still rebel.
Abraham’s Faith – believe and are justified in believing God’s promises. V. 21-21. Genesis 15:16.
True faith is proven by obedience.
Assurance of salvation comes with obedience to God.
Rahab’s Faith – v.24-25 – her faith hid the spies. Nothing to do with her occupation or lying. Faith  actions.

Jesus received full wrath for our sins; hell for so many. He took our sins, we get his righteousness.

June 23 – Randy Haynes – The Impossible
Certain things are impossible, but… Luke 1:37
Bring your brokenness to God – He can fix it.
God has… created something from nothing, flooded the whole earth, babbled people, brought Isaac into being, kept Joseph safe, kept Moses safe, brought on the plagues… there’s NOTHING God cannot do.
His greatest miracle – Christ’s death and resurrection.
What can stop God? NOTHING. He can work miracles through us today – whenever you run across something seemingly impossible, remember what God can do.
He’s an impossible God, but not impossible to reach.

Got any rivers you think are uncrossable?
Mountains you can’t tunnel through?
God specializes in things thought impossible,
And He will do what no other power can do.

June 24 – Randy Haynes – Addition and Subtraction
Subtraction and addition are inseparably connected (inverse operations).
Romans 3:10b, 3:23.
Righteous – holy, cleansed, perfect; doing the right thing for the right reason.
Sin – exercising our will over God’s.
Sin and righteousness are inverse operations.
John 1:29 – subtraction=take away
Romans 3:22 – From God=added by God.
Us – our sin + His righteousness.
Doctrine of Imputation – exchange. But God never expects anything back.
My sin is imputed to Christ, His righteousness is imputed to me. We are “giving up” nothing to accept His gift. God subtracted my sin by adding the opposite – His righteousness.

June 25 – Randy Haynes – Multiplication and Division
God does not want us to divide. Psalm 133:1; 1 Corinthians 1:10
Division does not equal separation – 2 Corinthians 6:17
Hills to die on – is your life worth this?
– The Bible is the infallible and inspired word of God
– The Trinity
– Christ’s diety – birth, life, ministry, death, resurrection, ascension, and return.
– Essential salvation and regeneration by the Holy Spirit.
– Present ministry of Holy Spirit in our lives.
– Resurrection to either Heaven or Hell
– Spiritual Unity in Christ

Unity even in diversity.
God does want us to multiply – Acts 1:8, Ps. 40:5, Acts 11:26b, Matthew 28;19a
Live the life and speak the Word.

June 26 – Randy Haynes – Infinity
Infinite- never begins or ends. Unlimited extent of time, space, or quantity. Everlasting never ends, but it has a beginning. Eternal has no beginning.
– infinity also refers to smaller and smaller, not just greater and greater… God’s infinite – small enough to live in my heart, big enough to rule the universe.
– How do we grasp eternity past?
– If we fully comprehend God, we’re making Him finite.
– His attributes are without limits.

Why’s this important? It puts Him on a different level from humanity, it puts Him as the biggest, we have infinite needs…
Job 38:1-3 – God must be all that man is not.

June 27 – Randy Haynes – Probability
Probability – likelihood of occurance.
The probability of the prophecy that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem? 1 in 300,000… that 8 events concerning Christ would come true? 1 in 100 quadrillion.
This approaches impossibility.
But God deals in certainty, not probability.
Certain salvation and eternal life… God has no grandchildren.
Those who have not confessed will CERTAINTLY suffer eternity in God’s wrath. Rev. 20:15.

June 30 – Kelly Hayes
We do not have it all together. James 4; Ecclesiastes 4; Job 22; Job 25; Psalm 28; Psalm 144; Is. 64; Romans 3.
BUT GOD – He’s awesome, He watches over us, we cannot fully comprehend Him – He keeps it all together. Ps.144

God is I AM. We are I am not.
As much as we are not, He is that (and more!)
All of our flaws and issues are solved in Christ.
We are worms, but… 2 Corinthians 12:9-10.
God’s revelations fuel our worship.
How does your love for Him show through in your everyday actions?

July 1 – Kelly Hayes – DTR
DTR – Define the Relationship – know requirements, etc…
John 17:3
What is our relationship? Colossians 3:1-4
Loving God
Christ IS now our life, not just part of it.
We act on what’s important on our lives.

So what do I need to do? Colossians 3:5-10
There are things that get in the way of the relationship
Cast them off – if we don’t stop them, we’ll be dominated and destroyed.
1 John 5:3-4, Deut. 30:11-20
Real life, real problems… REAL GOD.
Don’t be distracted, He wants 100% of our lives.
My life is up and down, but God’s always right there on top of things, and there beside and below me. (this was actually something Mr. Rawleigh said during singtime a few nights earlier, but it fit with what Kelly was talking about :))

July 2 – Kelly Hayes
We lose sight of what really matters so quickly.
We come to Him asking for what He wants, not what should be important to those wanting to be like Christ.
Christ had every right to focus on Himself, but He laid down His life, focusing on us.
Humility – a proper understanding of who we are, what we deserve, but what we receive.
Serve all the time, serve where you’re at.
“Well done,” will come from following Christ’s example.

July 3 – Kelly Hayes
Because we have so much, we don’t rely on God as much as we should. Revelation 3:14-17
We are so reliant on the temporary.
So how do we change? Rev. 3:18-19
Build on the ROCK.
We hold back what we think is great, but there’s something better if we’d only give it up. Don’t hold onto the passive.

There’s a story about a girl whose dad bought her some cheap plastic pearls at the dollar store… and she loved them. Then night after night he kept asking her if he could have her plastic pearls… she refused, but he kept asking. Finally, with many tears, she gave them up. He replaced them with genuine pearls.
What are my plastic pearls? What will I not give up to my father?
Make sacrifices for the God we love.
How do we change so that God defines us?
Change mindset of who God is – understand his infinite beautiful awesomeness more.
When we see how great He is, we can’t focus on the passing.

July 4 – Kelly Hayes
We will have troubles as Christ-followers, because we are not of this world.
Romans 7:13-20 – the world hates us, and we fail.
We hare hated, hypocritical failures.
Galatians 3:10
Condemned sinners so we can be redeemed.
The devil reminds us we sin, but we’ve been saved from it.
Sin should make us seek God more. 2 Corinthians 12:9-10
Revelation 3:10, 1 John 5
John 17:3.
Trials bring people together more than anything. Suffering draws us to God.
John 16:25-33
Not ashamed should define us.
I WILL overcome – it IS worth it.

Something not from chapel but that I thought I’d share anyway… Carolyn H and I had a talk one evening about sin. I was struggling with either focusing on my sin or feeling perfect… we talked about how often feeling so dirty and sinful is not from God, but from Satan; and how whenever we feel like that just to remember it’s been taken care of. Then she covered the other part of it – “When you feel perfect; remember it’s not you, but Christ.”

Just thought I’d share.



India Trip

Well, I’m back… and it was amazing.
I’ll only post some pictures here, the rest can be viewed here

Friday, April 4, 2008.
Leaving Dubai

Caroline, Mili, and I

In the airport



Woke up somewhat early (annoyingly) and got ready. After breakfast we left for the airport. As we were driving I got really nervous and mom and Mrs. M, Elaine, and Mrs. C were all praying for me. I threw up as we went through security, but after that was fine.
We got to the gate and went in groups to various places, coming back to board the plane.
I sat with Mili and Caroline on the plane. We all watched National Treasure 2 and worked on our testimonies.
When we finally got through customs and stuff we met Paul Uncle and Pastor Daniel at the airport and got into cars and drove to the church in Banaswadi. We got settled in our rooms then went up to dinner. We played tongue (spoons without spoons…) and signs until group devotions. Pastor W. gave us an overview of the week and told us our work crews… I’m in the Hoysala crew, and we’ll be going to Hoysala one of the days to paint the Church.

Saturday, April 5, 2008.
Good morning India!


The very dirty kitchen

Cleaning the balcony

rooftop view

Hannah and I

It took me forever to fall asleep last night. It was probably 1 AM by the time I fell asleep.
I felt a little sick in the morning, but after devotions with the Indian workers in the morning I felt fine. After devos we got told what was going on that day, and after a Chai break we started working. Hannah, Caroline, Elisabeth, Vashti, and I were cleaning the kitchen… there was SO much dirt on the floor and everywhere that all we did was clean the floor. Scrape, scrub, sweep, repeat.
We changed for a youth service, but it ended up getting cancelled so we played cards until dinner and devotions.
Devotions have been about Jesus’ passion. We’ve been reading parts from John Piper’s book, The Passion of Jesus Christ: 50 Reasons Jesus Came to Die. Today in devotions Pastor W. talked about what passion is, and that really it’s suffering… so what we’re passionate about is something we’re willing to suffer for. Hence Jesus is passionate about us… something else that stuck out to me is that the question should never be “who killed Jesus?” but “Why did Jesus die and what did his death accomplish?”

“I LOVE this game. How do you play?” – Kevin

“That pooch is going to DIE tonight.” – Fiona

Sunday, April 6, 2008.


Hindu temple
Hindu temple

Serving Lunch in Hoysala

Eating after Church
I felt so sick this morning… Elaine and I walked around upstairs until I felt better, then we went down to breakfast.
Originally I was going to Church “far far away,” but Caroline and I switched so I’d only be taking a 15 minute autorickshaw ride to Hoysala for Church instead.
It was a small church, maybe 20/30 people, and the whole building was about the size of my bedroom. But it was amazing to see the gospel proclaimed in the villages, amazing to see their love for Christ and what He’s done there.
Hannah, Mrs. S and I all shared our testimonies in the middle of the service, after 2 short sermons, singing, and prayer. After we spoke there was more prayer, more singing, and another short sermon. After the service we served lunch (guess what it was? RICE AND CURRY! [again]). When we finished lunch we prayed with the pastor and walked a ways to get an autorickshaw to take us back to headquarters in Banaswadi.
Back in ‘Swadi we played cards and talked while waiting for the other groups to get back from their Churches. In the evening we had devotions and then went to bed.
Devos were about propitiation and sin… the thing that jumped out at me today was that sin is not small because it’s treason against a BIG sovereign. We had a short time of sharing, and we were all touched by how much God has been working in India… and also the passion for God all of the believers have and how they take time to think about what God is doing in their lives and praising Him for who He is.
I learned so much at Church, even though I couldn’t understand a word that was being said. These people are so poor, many were once very lost and quite a few have been/are sick in some way… yet they don’t care how much they have, but what they have they give to God. There was a young mother, probably only a few years older than me who had a little baby with what was probably a brain tumor… during offering she got up and put money in the box… money that could have been used to buy medicine or something else, but she was trusting God with her money and that He would heal her child and provide somehow. Afterwards Hannah and I had lots of younger girls coming up to us asking us to pray for them, and then the woman asked Mrs. S and I to pray for her sick child.
Sharing my testimony was also a learning experience… speaking through a translator can totally ruin your train of thought, and sometimes it was hard to really get what I wanted to say across and it was hard because I wasn’t able to fully know how much they understood… but then one of the pastors got up after we spoke and used examples from our testimonies in his sermon, which was really encouraging to me.
I loved seeing the joy in the children’s faces as we served them and as they ate… they have so much less than I do but are so much happier… and mostly everyone in the Church was a somewhat new believer, but their faith meant so much more to them and they understood so much more than I do… I think of all the days Sunday was the day that was most encouraging and the day I learned the most about what God is doing in India.

“I can do 100 pushups. Just don’t ask me to do them.” – Kevin
“Yeah, he can do 100 minus the zeros.” – Mrs. S.

Monday, April 7, 2008.
cleaning walls in Hoysala

Caroline and the Hoysala girls

Me and the girls


Lots of work today… we went back to Hoysala, which was so enjoyable, just to see the pastor and my younger Indian sisters again. The Hoysala team was Caroline, Me, Elisabeth, Kevin, and Craig. Caroline and I went with the girls to get water to wash the Church floors and walls and got to walk through their village and see how they lived. We walked back to the Church and swept it out, scrubbed the floors, and the walls and then pulled weeds outside. The girls were all over the Church with us, up on tables scrubbing the walls, holding the dust pan when we were sweeping, moving pots out of the kitchen, borrowing our gloves to pull weeds… so much fun to work alongside them. They thought my travel pen which clipped onto my name tag and folded up was so neat and I spent about 20 minutes writing names on their hands… sadly I can only remember two of their names, Kowselya and Raksheta.
We finished work and drank chai and fellowshipped with the pastor and an auntie there. They were telling us about miraculous ways God worked healing and conversion in their village… auntie was an upper-caste Hindu woman who’d converted, the pastor had been mentally unstable and hadn’t been able to speak, Kowselya had been very sick… we prayed for the Church before we left.
Back in Banaswadi we cleaned the entrance hall and then started painting the dining room. After dinner we had devotions and prepared for VBS tomorrow. My crew was helping with VBS the next morning and we prepared a skit and a song to teach them.
Elijah, Jarod, Mr. G, Isaac, David, and Pastor W left for Veernhalli today. They’ll be back Tuesday evening.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Kitchen work

Pastor W was back for devotions this morning. He talked about dying to self and taking up our cross… which basically means dying every day and living as humble slaves of Christ. At devotions that night we talked about what this trip cost us. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but when I did, I realized I was WAY out of my comfort zone… but very happy and so grateful still.
I managed to get breakfast down this morning without much trouble.
VBS went well, we did a skit of the Good Samaritan then taught the kids Father Abraham. They had fun and thought we were hilarious. 😛 Afterwards we got about 50 little Indian boys coming at us wanting to shake our hands… “Auntie! Auntie!!!”
Upstairs we painted and scraped paint off of chairs until lunch. After lunch we painted and scraped some more. We painted the kitchen and basically finished painting the dining room today. Two Indian guys were painting with us today, which was neat, getting to work with brothers in Christ… also made work go a bit faster since the guys were still gone.
The guys got back from Veernhalli tonight and we’ve enjoyed having them back.
We also talked about heart attitudes this evening…and about examining your heart. The cost of being here has been WAY overwhelmed by the joy of being here and how great an encouragement it’s been to work alongside my Indian brothers and sisters… worship with them, serve them, and fellowship with them… bugspray may be annoying, I miss my music, sleep, and milk… I love India and my siblings in Christ here. It’s been so awesome… so sad today was the half-way point.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008.
Tree painting


Devos this morning were about weakness… and how our weakness makes His power seen so much more. We decrease, God increases.
We finished the kitchen today… we have to do the floor again, but other than that it’s all done.
Today we scrubbed, scraped, scrubbed s’more… I did get to help do some detailing on the tree in the dining room. Tomorrow we get to finish cleaning and finish the decorations in each room.
After lunch we went shopping. I got a lot of stuff and although at times the shopping was a big pain, I enjoyed myself.
Devotions were great… Tuesday night we’d been assigned a person to write a letter of encouragement to, and mine was Vashti, and she ended up writing to me. I was grateful that she and others see God working in my life and some fruit in my life, even when I myself am not able to… though sometimes I felt somewhat hypocritical, because my heart attitude is not always my outward attitude. The second part of devotions tonight was about examining your heart and looking at the sin in your life. The majority of the sin in my life comes from selfishness and the failure I am at dying to self and putting others and God above myself.
It’s something I need to work on… dying to self is hard, and it takes strength to make myself weak so God can show His power in me.

Thursday, April 10, 2008.


Cait painting

conference room
Completed conference room

Girls and Kevin

watching hte video
Watching video footage

Last full day in India. 😦
We completed the kitchen and the conference room.
Tomorrow we may have to clean the dining room floor, but that’s it.
P Uncle shared his testimony and how the Church center got started… God’s awesome is all I have to say. I wish I could stay and finish/help more with the work God’s started here. Guess the best way for me to do that is through prayer.
The main things to pray for are bigger facilities for the smaller Churches like Hoysala, money for everything, and the means and people to go out.
It’s been amazing hearing stories of how God’s been working in India… the healing of Kowselya, providing for all of Paul Uncle’s needs now and as a child, the conversion of many upper-caste Hindus to Christianity, Indians leaving everything behind to follow Christ… God is awesome, and He’s moving through India…
They gave us all short Kurtas, and for dinner we all dressed in them and ate upstairs in our new dining room. After dinner we got a projector set up and watched all the video footage that had been taken so far. All of us went to bed at 12:30 AM very tired and somewhat sad…

Friday, April 11, 2008.
Cornflakes for breakfast! A break from the continual rice and curry…

hall verse
Entry hall

morning devotions
Morning devotions

Cait and Jarod
At the airport… Cait and Jarod being goofy

Kevin on shuttle

I woke up very drearily this morning… did not want to get up and have my last day in India.
We all helped out at VBS this morning, and it was really sad saying goodbye to the children. After VBS we cleaned our rooms and packed up, then hung out in the conference room until lunch. After lunch we had a time of response to the trip, suggesting ways to make it better, etc… and then we said goodbye to R Auntie, P Uncle and everyone and loaded up to drive to the airport. Mili and Sonja weren’t feeling all that great, but eventually we all got in the airport and checked in. Jarod, Cait, Pastor W, Caroline, and I ended up ahead of everyone else and were waiting around for everyone after security. We were bored, so I got out pencils and my notebook and Jarod and I started drawing. First he drew a very interesting picture of me, then he wanted me to draw him, so Caroline and I got somewhat goofy and drew him like a pirate… then Pastor W took the drawing and added lots of detail to it… it doesn’t look much like Jarod but it looks like a pirate, for sure. 😛
We finally got all together and on the airplane… I ended up next to Hannah and in front of Jarod, which ended up being an interesting combination. 😛 Jarod and I both had aisles, so we were able to talk some on the way home, mostly about the movies we were watching (The Last Legion and August Rush) and some about other things. Hannah and I talked some, too, which was nice. We landed and I had very mixed feelings… I’m so happy to be back in Dubai, but at the same time I already miss India… chai breaks, R Auntie, P Uncle, almost rice and curry…

Thursday night we went around the circle and had 3 questions to answer…
1. What has God taught you about yourself this week?
2. What has God taught you about Him this past week?
3. What’s one thing you’ll never forget?

I didn’t have to think too hard to answer these…God showed me how selfish I can be at home, when all I’m thinking about is myself and what I want to do not others…. God taught me just how much He can be trusted and how much I can rely on Him each day, when I don’t want to get up in the morning, don’t want to eat rice and curry for breakfast, don’t feel like scrubbing floors all day… He’ll give me the strength I need to get through the day and He’ll use me and He has a perfect plan that I don’t know about, but He does… I’ll never forget ch-ch-ch-chutney! (inside joke) or the stories of how God’s worked so amazingly in India…

Sometimes during the trip I wished I would have been able to go on the June trip instead, to get to build relationships with more people and not just work… but at the same time I think I did build some relationships within the group and out of the group… I have my friends in Hoysala, Kowselya and Raksheta, and within the group I got to know Mani, Vashti, Kevin, and Jarod a lot better. I got to know God more, got to see Him working in my life and in others… and I learned so much about trusting God and letting Him have His way because it’s so much better. I happened to be reading in Psalms the whole time on Surge… and God used so many Psalms to encourage me in so many different ways. I learned I don’t need much to be happy… that God’s got it all planned…that sometimes dying to self brings you more than serving self does… that I don’t examine my heart enough, that I don’t praise God enough for who He is… I also learned so much that I’m not able to even begin to put into words yet.

The highlights of my week were probably everything that happened at Hoysala and helping out with VBS… the kids enjoyed having us so much and I enjoyed bringing God’s word to them in ways that kids like to hear it.

The completed kitchen

“Look! It’s an Indian river!” – Elijah

“Where was that from?”

“I love chutney!” – Hannah

Group Picture
Group Picture.

In short… I had so much fun in India, God taught me so much, I want to go back… and I almost miss rice and curry…

But my pictures and words don’t do the trip justice… it was an amazing trip and God worked so much in everyone.

– Ky

Perspectives: Historical Perspective on Missions

Weeks 6-9 was the Historical Perspective on missions. A lot of it was review of what I’ve been doing in history lately, but it was still really good…

Week Six:

– Nothing can thwart God’s purpose of global worship.
– God will forward His mission with or without His chosen people.
– The Barbarian and Viking raids allowed for missions to continue even though people weren’t going. If we don’t go, they may come in an unfriendly way.
– Hebrew blessing – relational realities which confer responsibility and obligation as well as privilege.
– Though Rome lost half its empire, the Barbarian world gained the Christian faith.
– Although there have been many disappointing and destructive things done in the name of Christ, the overall positive impact of the person of Jesus Christ on the societies of the world has been incalculable.
– Third World comes from when there were the two worlds of Greek and Latin. The barbarians were the third world.
– The great lesson of the Crusades: goodwill, even sacrificial obedience to God, is no substitute for a clear understanding of His will.
– Preach in love and peace in a tongue they can understand. Adapt to the people. Work Christianity into the culture. Be patient and do not give up.

Week Seven:
– E scale – E-0= witnessing within Church. E-1 = witnessing within the same culture. E-2= witnessing in a similar but different culture. E-3= witnessing in a completely different culture.
– P scale – P0 – people within the Church. P1 – people whose culture contains the local Church. P2 – people without a Church but similar culture P3 – people without a church and very different culture.
– Mission should be high-quality, giving your all, demonstrating love and sacrifice.
– Cultural distance is more readily traversed than the high walls of prejudice are climbed.
– E1 missions is powerful, but we’ll be doing that until Jesus returns.
– PURPOSE – Pioneers Understanding/theology Results Prayer Opposition major Sending base Era.
– “History is not to find out what happened, but who we are.”
“People not making history are powerful tools in the hands of those who will.
– Finishers are faithful, faithfulness brings the finish.
– Pioneers are… passionate. Available. Study the whole picture. See the needs and resources through God’s eyes. Challenge common assumptions. Only settle for God’s glory being revealed. Pursue a vision beyond their own ability. Deep prayers put in action.

Week Eight:
– In William Carey’s time, they only thought about the second half of the great commission. Just “with you always.”
– If we fail to learn from history, we’re doomed to repeat it.
– “In the native tongue of a people, the greatest missionary is the Bible. It’s never foreign, and it never needs a furlough.”
– “Being a missionary means working yourself out of a job.”
– “Attempt great things for God, expect great things from God.” – William Carey.
– Inverted homesickness – homesick for the country you’re being a missionary in.
– Great victory has never been possible without great sacrifice.
– “Use all the means in my power to develop the resources of body, mind, heart, and soul, and to await prayerfully upon God, quite willing He show me that I was mistaken, to follow His guidance, or to go forward in due time He should open the way to missionary service.” – Hudson Taylor

Week Nine:
– People pursuing a God-given vision no longer dream about what could happen. They become convinced that certain things must happen.
– For evangelistic purposes, a people group is the largest group within which the gospel can spread as a church planting movement without encountering barriers of understanding or acceptance.
– One-third of the individuals in the world live within peoples with no church. They are no more spiritually “lost” than your cousin who has never gone to church, but unlike your cousin, there is no church made up of people like themselves with whom they can fellowship.
– Steps towards engagement in missions: Grow. Get involved. Learn. Explore. Pray.
– Success and faithfulness go hand in hand in missions.
– “The Greatest tragedy to befall a person is to have sight but lack vision.” – Helen Keller
– Jesus is coming again, but the Church isn’t living like it. He’s given us a specific task to accomplish.
– Life makes reproducible things. We need to make things that can be reproduced.
– Sin: when things aren’t the way they should be.
Shalom: the way things are supposed to be.
– There has been amazing progress in missions.. yet there’s a tragic reality of unbalanced numbers.
– Ethnometrics: who they are, where they’re from, how can they be reached?
– DNA: Divine center, nurturing relationships, apostolic mission.
– 2 Pt. 3:11-12. Who do we need to be? Holy – set apart from the world, godly- set apart for Christ.

Now we’ve moved on into the Cultural perspective…

Spring break is coming up. Spring break=India, a week off Perspectives, a week off of Geometry, a week off of Chemistry… = Happy.

Though I’ll have to catch up on Perspectives after India.


Perspectives: Biblical Perspective on Missions

Well, the first part of Perspectives is done. I feel like I deserve a break… though I don’t get one… 😛

This Monday night finished up the Biblical Perspective on missions, and now we’ve moved on into the Historical perspective. So far a lot of it has been review, but there have been quite a few good things I’ve learned or looked at differently.

So… here comes my list of main things I learned over the first five weeks of Perspectives (and if you can believe this is a summary… 😛 It’s 5 pages of notes and things… though I’ve read a few hundred pages of articles).

Perspectives: What I’ve Most Gotten Out of It

Week One:

  • Esther’s middle name is not Bathsheba. 😛
  • We are blessed by God in order to be a blessing, not to feel good.
  • “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”
  • The fulfillment of God’s promise to Abram in Genesis 12:1-3 has a three-fold fulfillment – immediate fulfillment in the physical seed of Abraham, intermediate fulfillment in the seed of Abraham through faith, and future fulfillment in the seed of Abraham by believers in heaven as well as the promised blessing of land.
  • OT fulfillment : Physical :: NT fulfillment : spiritual
  • God’s mission is toward God (He be glorified in Global Worship), for the nations (bringing the redemptive blessing to every people), and against evil (overcoming evil to liberate people).
  • He’s created us with a life of purpose, to live a life of significance.
  • Blessing ALWAYS follows obedience to God. (Leviticus 26).
  • Jesus’ genealogy shows the prophetic fulfillment of God’s promise.
  • The law makes you look for another way to “make it.” That way is grace.
  • Worship is a celebration of the resurrection.
  • We are God’s special possession. He keeps us close to Him because we are more precious than diamonds.

Week Two:

Sarah’s hair tastes like garlic bread (according to Esther)

some of God’s names are to reveal His character

Missions exists because global worship does not.

God’s glory shines forth from his holiness like rays from the sun.

Worship: that which glorifies God by recognizing His glory and by honoring

Him with the offerings of the lesser, but worthy glories of the nations. Worship

not only delights and reveals God, it fulfills God’s love for people by

bringing them to a place of their highest honor before Him.

God reveals Himself to all nations to receive glory from all nations.

Salvation is not to see what we are saved from, rather what we are saved for.

God isn’t threatened by false worship, He’s saddened by it.

By wooing us into true worship, God is able to bestow His love on us, and we are able to glorify Him.

Worship fulfills God’s love. He loves people so vastly that He wills to exalt them to something better than greatness; He wants to bring them into an honored nearness to Him. Stretch your mind and your heart as far as you can, but you’ll never perceive the extent of what God has prepared for those who love Him (1 Cor 2:9).

Abraham made God’s name known by his ongoing worship. God made His name
great by dramatic redemptive power through His people. The outcome was a multi-national gathering of grateful honor in which God was explicitly worshiped in truth.

God plagues the Egyptians so that they might know who He is.

The Church of God doesn’t have a mission in the world, rather the God of mission has a Church in the world.

The Church’s first passion should be God. From that passion missions should come, but missions should not be the Church’s primary focus.

God brings the kingdom into fulfillment, but allows us to share in His work.

Week Three:

v Hope expects all thing, large or little to be overwhelmed and filled with the immense glory of Christ.

v In order for someone to be a true king, they have to have three things: authority to rule, subjects, and a kingdom. In the time between Adam and Noah, the Kingdom of God was not there because God did not have any subjects.

v Jesus’ first coming broke Satan’s power. Between His comings, Jesus continues His mission with the Church to the nations. His second coming will destroy Satan’s kingdom and He will come in full glory.

v Right now the world is ruled by the devil because Adam gave him the power God had given Adam. God is still in control, but the devil is ruling the minds of the people and not allowing God’s kingdom to be in full power.

v In the day when God sets up His reign it will displace all other reigns, all other kingdoms and authorities. God alone will rule.

v Although Satan rules this present age, God has not abandoned it to darkness.

v This evil age is to last until His return. It will forever be hostile to the gospel and to God’s people. Evil will prevail. Subtle, deceitful influences will seek to turn men away from Christ. Believers will suffer hatred so long as this age lasts. The evil age will only end when the Kingdom is preached throughout the whole world, as a testimony to the nations.

v Although Satan still rules, He has already been defeated, and we may be released from demonic fear and from satanic evil and know the glorious liberty of the sons of God.

v D-Day comes before V-E Day. Christ has defeated death and Satan, but the full victory is still coming.

v If there is no God, man is lost in a labyrinthine maze of bewildering experiences with no thread of meaning to guide him. If God has not acted in history, the ebb and flow of the tides of the centuries wash back and forth aimlessly between the sands of eternity.

v Modern technology (planes, printers, etc…) would allow the gospel to be carried and preached throughout all the world in our own generation. But we argue about methods rather than GOING!.

v The motive of our mission: the final victory will come at the completion of our task. To us it is given not only to wait for but also to hasten the coming of the day of God.

v Prayer: rebellion against the world in its fallenness, the absolute and undying refusal to accept as normal what is pervasively abnormal. Prayer flourishes when there is a twofold belif: 1. that God’s name is hallowed too irregularly, his kingdom has come too little, and His will is done too infrequently. 2. that God Himself can change the situation.

v If the gospel is universal, prayer cannot restrict itself to being local. Pray for the nations!

Week Four:

o Jesus focused on the training of people whom the multitudes would follow rather than the multitudes of people. The crowds would follow anyone – Jesus wanted to ensure that He would have workers on earth. He based his ministry on loyalty rather than intelligence and quality rather than quantity.

o Summary of the Great Commission: All God’s authority to All peoples, doing All Jesus commanded for All the days.

o Daniel 7:9-14 – the creatures represent kingdoms to come. Horns are kings opposing God. The Son of Man is fighting these kings, and He wins ALL authority.

o Psalm 110: God has a definite and assured rule over all with great authority, crushing and judging nations, thus we are willing to go fight for Him and there is assurance he Will crush and rule. Victory is definite, He WILL BE VICTORIOUS.

o Revelation 5:1-14: The scroll of destiny, lion and lamb worthy. All worshiping and giving God all authority.

o “I am with you to the end of the age” = I am empowering you.

o The goal of His teaching was life obedience – not to know more, it’s so our lives will be radically changed. So we can not just expose others to truth, but to bring about a result.

o God works through us in a loving, powerful, and purposeful way.

o 9 out of 10 people are spiritually lost globally. 3 of 4 people globally have not heard the gospel with understanding. 1 of 2 cannot hear because there is no one near enough to tell them.

o “all Nations” = “all people groups.”

o We do have a mandate, because people need to hear.

Week Five: Unleashing the Gospel

Ø God is more sovereign than we think He is. We are more responsible than we think we are.

Ø Great commission – the “lo” comes about when the “go” happens. No go à no lo.

Ø The disciples were persistent, bold, and faithful.

Ø A witness is what you are more than what you do. God arranges for His servants to display what they declare. By public testimony in the face of hostility, ordinary people accomplish far more than merely affirming the truth of Christ. Witnesses establish the value of Christ.

Ø “The pain of shattered plans is for the purpose of scattered grace.” – John Piper

Ø Modality – a nurture-oriented congregational structure. Sodality – a task oriented (called out team) mission structure.

Ø Healthy apple trees produce more TREES! Healthy Churches produce more CHURCHES! (not apples and believers!) But there are apple trees and Redwood trees- same thing with unique DNA.

Ø There are 16,500 unreached people groups. And 350,000 Churches with 200- members (that’s in the US alone for the Churches!)

Ø Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? We’re not old dogs anymore, we’re new creatures!

Ø Apostolic passion – Passion for Jesus, dreaming of the whole earth being filled with His glory, we’re sent out to tell the world and willing to die for it.

Ø Prayer can be used to meet seen needs in people and open their eyes to the power and Truth of God.

Ø People who make a difference in the world are not people who’ve mastered a lot of things but have been mastered by God. It’s not you, it’s what your gripped with.

Ø When we get to heaven, are we going to show God our stuff or how we spent our life?

Ø 5% of the world’s population lives in North America. 91% of the Christian workers in the world minister in North America. 95% of the money given for Christian causes goes to North America. For every $100 of Christian giving to all causes only 5 cents goes to Church planting among unreached peoples. 15% of the world’s population lives in absolute poverty. 70,000,000 people are on the threshold of starvation. Half of those absolute poor do not live to be five years old.

Ø But… Evangelical Christianity is growing at 1.5 times the population rate! Every day, 54,000 people are saved in Africa, 46,000 people are saved in Latin America, 43,000 people are saved in Asia, 12,000 are saved in North America, and 1,000 new Churches are planted somewhere in the world! There are approximately 350,000 Churches in USA with 200 or fewer members. There are 6,900 UPGs. That’s a 50:1 ratio.

Ø Apostolic passion is dead in my heart when I dream more about sports, toys, places, and people than I do about the nations worshiping Jesus.

Ø We must focus on Christ, or we won’t obey.

Ø “If I send you out now on 20 minutes a day of prayer, I’d be sending a soldier into battle without any weapons, and you would get killed.” – David Wilkerson

Ø Are we willing to pray like Paul? Day and night… with tears… without ceasing… with thankfulness… in the Spirit… constantly… boldly… for godly sorrow… against the evil one.

Ø “Covet usefulness! Make your plans big, because God is your partner!” – D.L. Moody

Ø Suffering for Christ is not the only suffering of persecution. It begins when one leaves close relatives for the service of Christ, For some, it means selling their possessions and giving them to the poor, for others it may mean agonizing prayer for the cause of Christ. Suffering is not self-inflicted. However, suffering for Christ does mean that we will voluntarily involve ourselves in suffering and in sacrificial living for Christ and his gospel.

Ø Three things accomplished by the death of martyrs: triumph of God’s truth, defeat of Satan, and glory of God.

Ø Satan uses two instruments to keep humans in bondage: Fear of death – which Jesus has liberated us from, and sin, which Christ has cancelled by his death.

– Ky