2018: July

S’s “tea party” setup.

We can’t get enough of these peapods!

We only got a handful of cherries from both cherry trees.

July means sending mail to Csehy! I made these for a few people and we sent notes and a few other things.

Many trips to the beach while we still lived 5-15 minutes from it.


Cabin trip! I’m so glad we made it this year in between other trips and packing.

Preparing can be stressful but once we get there it’s so relaxing.
Because a book, a hammock, and a river can’t be beat. And at my sister in law’s request, I brought henna, so we had fun with that too.

The girls’ favorite thing was picking huckleberries. E is quite the Little Sal from Blueberries for Sal… they all went straight to her mouth!

Turning our 6 cups of huckleberry harvest into all sorts of things – the best was huckleberry syrup… and the huckleberry chocolate chip sourdough pancakes.

Shelling fava beans

Our last time hosting prayer meeting for church. After having a small apartment in Japan without much extra space, having room to host larger groups was high on our priority list when house-hunting here.

So much garden lettuce! …and so many earwigs.

Paper chain countdown to our move

Ice cream bars from a local ice cream company. S really wanted to eat hers all at once but her tummy hurt, so she stopped and saved it for another day. I was really proud of her for using self control and not devouring it anyway!

I love throwing a chicken in the crockpot with carrots and spices. Such an easy meal!
My mom, brother, and younger sister came up for a few days and we played and cleaned.

I took S to the Farmers’ Market for a little date. We got blackberries, cucumbers, and a sunflower and listened to the harp and she thought it was great.

I will not miss the trek home from the store with the stroller, but I have loved being able to go to the store when Ezra is at work.

Blackberry picking followed by the beach… because Ezra is a super-packer and we were way ahead of schedule and didn’t have anything else to do.

A stack of loved library books.

memorization// I’ll Never Forsake You (David L. Ward)

favorite recipes// sourdough soda bread // tahini cookie dough fudge // sour chickpea noodle curry // pineapple teriyaki chicken (did this on the stovetop, and boiled the sauce down instead of using cornstarch) // zesty queso soup //

best of online// seed cycling // crochet smock stitch // 11 toxic plants that look like food // sly fox hat // waistcoat crochet stitch (looks knit!) // 7 lies that keep you from breaking a habit // God doesn’t ask me to be a perfect mom // how Jesus transforms our relationships // every 40 years – immigration mistakes // summer travel: caution & pleasure // make God great again // Songs of Travel // nonstop arguing // tips for a small kitchen //

reading of late// True Feelings (Mahaney) // Water From a Deep Well (Sittser) // Mimosa (Carmichael) // The Last Girl (Murad) // Orthodoxy (Chesterton) // Love Has a Price Tag (Elliot) // Kissed on Arrival (Holmes) //

thinking about// sorting move feelings // cutting out noise // what can I do when overburdened by news? // goal of sanctification = look like Christ = love for God -> changed desires -> love others // Colossians: thankfulness. Knowledge of God leads to love of God leads to fruit bearing //

what brings joy// hammocks // huckleberries // open spaces // giggles

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