Started April off with the final youth orchestra concert
Eeyore, my family’s dog, and S became best buds. He slept in our room most of the time we were in Dubai and S was thrilled every morning to see him first thing. He normally stays away from small kids, but was very tolerant of all of S’s cuddles.

en route to Ras al Khaimah for the day

For our morning walk before breakfast we went up to get juice!

out to the desert for sunset and night air. And cheese and za’atar bread. S may hate the water, but she loves being in the sand.

The house cat is known as the ‘mean cat’ she’s not allowed to go near, but S adores the friendly neighbor kitty.

a casual country dancing ball the day before I left

So thankful for all the people that helped us on our trip back, from mom and dad taking us in at the airport, to the man that said we didn’t have to weigh our carry-on after the lady said we had to (God heard those prayers ;)), and for all the people that helped the short pregnant lady with a toddler get bags in and out of bins on the plane and on and off the conveyor and bus. And the 3 people that didn’t show up so the row next to us was open and we got 2 seats. And the people that offered us a ride home on our 10 minute walk back from the bus. And that there were no delays on the flight and that S slept and ate well.

We missed their peak, but there were still some cherry blossoms left!

Finishing up my IBCD Level 2 Exam… and finding places S had helped me study. šŸ˜‰

S’s Dubai souvenir.

This is the first time in 10 years that I’ve had 4 seasons!

She loves to climb onto her stool and stand at the counter, which makes it so much easier to cook!

She finally decided yogurt was actually pretty good stuff.

I re-made this sweater, but checked my gauge this time and STILL made it bigger than the pattern and the 3T fits her now. Not sure what’s up with that but hopefully it will still fit when the smaller one fits her sister!

She loves bringing us clothes and asking to wear them. Here she had brought me one sock to wear with her footed PJs.
Made a ring sling for when baby gets here. It works to use with S but she’s not a fan.


S doesn’t like green kiwis but she loved this yellow one!

a friend let me test-drive her City Select. Not the top of our list, but it works.

I wasn’t craving them like I was with S, but had been having trouble meal planning and cinnamon rolls sounded good…

S rarely nurses in public any more, but when she does the summer infant swaddle blankets we had were just too small now so I splurged.

Ezra went to Korea and brought me this…

We got the best curry + udon from a hole in the wall.

She sometimes carries shirts around with her all day as a lovey.

Finally got our hands on Ponyo!

favorite recipes// Creamy Pesto Mac // vegan carrot soup with caramelized onion // bacon chicken caesar casserole // unbaked brownies // no sugar added banana nut granola // nori rolls

best of online//Ā  Syria and My Prayerlessness // frozen foods // breaking down the “other” // daily routine fitness tips from fit2be // 31 Days to a Stronger Tummy {thankful that because of my sister I was aware of diastasis recti and have been able to prevent it with these exercises during pregnancy!} // porch preaching // comparison of Jesus Storybook Bible & Big Picture Storybook Bible // interview with Michael Card // Wiegenlied – Strauss // prevent tearing during birth // Yemen after a year of airstrikes // electric shock drowning // 10 Lessons from a Mom of Many // Secret life of Babies // Why do people join Boko Haram? // DIY Magnesium Oil

reading of late// a booklet of Spurgeon nuggets // A Hobbit, A Wardrobe, and a Great War (Joseph Loconte

the Munchkins// S is saying so many new words and jabbering almost all the time. She loves books, drinking water, and going to the playground (and eating).
Akachan is a GIRL and is more active than S was!

writing// finished my editing of Love Victorious!

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