Japan: Enoshima Island

 photo 20160907_112545_zps9bhnxcmc.jpg
Ezra and I had been to Enoshima last fall to see the illuminations there, but I took Hannah there for the day when she was visiting and it was fun to see it in the light.

 photo 20160907_121248_zpstoxnuqfe.jpg

 photo 20160907_131130_zpsqk4xcp86.jpg
Not stroller friendly, though.

 photo 20160907_135327_zpsqfcfvuh8.jpg
View of the island from the train

 photo 20160907_130937_zpsdrgfasy2.jpg

 photo 20160907_122116_zpscxlkbbbc.jpg

 photo 20160907_123020_zpsxxaryei6.jpg
In case you don’t have someone to take a photo for you

 photo 20160907_122703_zpsaeyvcqkb.jpg

 photo 20160907_124207_zpsbi9ug6bm.jpg
Street performers

 photo 20160907_122212_zpslfyv40mc.jpg

 photo 20160907_122119_zpsswqadb2c.jpg

 photo 20160907_120508_zpsnk6m4jfc.jpg
We also got the fresh octopus crackers this time.

 photo 20160907_121718_zpsm4yfsl3g.jpg
Because I was so pregnant and because it was still pretty hot out, we paid to take the escalators up. Definitely worth it, especially since you still see most of the island walking back down.

While we aren’t big fans of going to shrines and temples, and that’s the main attraction on Enoshima, we love the feel of the shopping street and it’s such a beautiful place to walk around and see some of Japan.


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